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What is that one thing without which an Indian Wedding seems incomplete? Some would say Shaadi ka khana and some, the extraordinary photoshoot. But deep down we all would agree that it’s the DANCE which makes every wedding complete. Whether it’s the baraati dance or well-prepared sangeet dance performances, it’s hard to imagine an Indian wedding without dance. And, for a stunning dance, you need some music that will make everyone come on the dance floor! To ease up your wedding hassles, we have brought you a very helpful blog that will be super handy when practising for your mehendi, sangeet or even your reception party. 

So, here are 7 free Softwares to edit your wedding playlist, which can be easily accessed online and you can edit songs for your jazzy dance performances within a few minutes. 

Best Softwares To Edit Your Wedding Songs

1. Audio-Joiner

First up is Audio-Joiner that is one of the best platforms to edit wedding songs as it has different options. You can trim a song, merge songs, convert videos and many other things on just one website. The best part about this software is that you can trim songs while merging them. Most of the online websites do not have this option. Oh! Did I miss to tell you that it also has the benefit of cross-fading (fade in & fade out) songs! 

2. Mp3Cutter

Another online application is Mp3Cutter where you can cut and join your wedding songs. It also has the option of cross-fading wedding songs. But make sure that your songs are already trimmed (if needed) because while merging them, you can’t trim it. This application is also very easy to use with the facility of video compressing. 

3. Audio Trimmer

If you are looking for software, not to join the songs but to trim, then Audio Trimmer is the one for you. You can trim your weddings songs according to your dance performances. We also found out that you can change the tempo of the song too. It means that you play with the speed of the song as per your wish. And if you want to include some songs to include in your videos, it also has royalty-free music. 

4. Online Converter

Online Converter software is well-known for converting everything to anything. Be it your images, videos, documents or audio, you can change the format of your file. It is also good to play with the audio. It has options like compressing song, trimming, joining, mixing songs and increase the volume of mp3. 

5. Files Merge

As the name suggests, Files Merge software is used to merge files. It only has the option of merging songs. But it is a super easy software to use. You can add as many songs as you want to add and merge them for your wedding celebrations. 

6. Audio Editor

Audio Editor software is a basic tool that can be used by beginners. It is easy to use and you can easily trim songs, merge songs and can also record audio on the same music software. This web-based tool can also be very helpful for you to create an amazing wedding playlist. Don't agree? See it yourself... 

7. Twistedwave

The last software on our list is the most interesting of all. Twistedwave provides you with an ample amount of options to play with. You can experiment with the fade in and out. You can reverse the audio if you want and you can also add music effects to the mp3. Isn't this super-cool? 

Note: All of the above-mentioned software are web-based tools. There is no need to install or download any application. 


Brides! So, which music software will you use? Tell us if we missed anything.

7 (Easy-To-Use) Softwares To Edit Songs For Your Wedding Playlist

by Rashmi Jayara

7 (Easy-To-Use) Softwares To Edit Songs For Your Wedding Playlist