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Source: Studiokelly Photography; Coolbluez Photography; Vinuthna Garidipuri

Just imagine it's that moment where you will walk down the aisle and all the eyes of your guests and your bae will be glued to see you as a stunning bride for the first time. Well, it truly sounds so magical, right? If you're a bride who is done & dusted with typical bridal entry ideas that are not your 'type', then we have something super-special for you today. 2020 finally kick-started with beautiful weddings of Kamya Panjabi & Armaan Jain's wedding but there is one common thing in these celebrity weddings that we spotted and is #trending like anything. Brides! If you LOVE dancing as much as we do, then you can't afford to miss these best viral bridal entry dance ideas where brides danced their hearts out & it went viral on the net for all the right reasons! 

From brides who grooved on Kala Chashma & Saiyaan Superstar to a South Indian Bride who danced on her Baraat, we bookmarked these dramatic to LIT viral bridal entry ideas that will surely impress him with your dancing moves! 

Latest Viral Bridal Entry Dance Ideas

Kamya Panjabi Making A Cute Bridal Entry On Her Reception Party!

We loved every bit from #shubhmangalkasha wedding but what made us in love with this celebrity wedding is the bride herself who danced on her bridal entry and looked stunning wearing dark green and gold lehenga that was perfect for the reception party! 

Or, This Bride Who Looked Super-Pretty in Pink & Danced On Makhna!

We are still crushing on this bride who wore a pretty pink lehenga with puff sleeves by Neeta Lulla and went viral on the internet for her dance moves. Brides! Don't miss to add a beautiful floral bridal bun & your favorite shades that is a #bridalswag 100/100!  

Slay it With Kala Chashma Just Like This Bride!

Remember this bride who wore Deepika wala Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding day & went viral on the net? Karen Desai Patel, the bride not only surprised us with her red bridal lehenga that looked drop-dead gorgeous but also made sure to slay it with her bridal entry with her Kala Chashma's on! Tip: Brides! Pick your favorite shades and wear them for your bridal entry like a BOSS! 

For The Hawa Hawaii Brides! 

Yes! Bollywood & bridal entry go hand-in-hand and this bride ensured to make it all 'filmy' with her Hawa Hawaii entry that is super-duper cool for the wedding day! Oh! Get your bridesmaid to dance along with you :) 

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya Where Groom Danced Too!

Looking for a fun viral bridal entry idea where your #girlsquad can accompany you? Check out this bride-to-be who killed it with her bridesmaids on ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’! Spoiler Alert: The groom danced along & he looked super cute with that signature step :D 

Impress Your Saiyan Superstar With Your Dance Steps!

Yes! We are convinced that you brides LOVED this song and on popular request here are the brides who impressed their ##SaiyanSuperstar! 100 marks to the choreography though! 

Ghoomar For The Royal Brides! 

Want to dance on a traditional song that will give you all the royal feel on your bridal entrance? Bookmark this latest viral bridal entry dance idea where the bride danced on Ghoomar & looked as royal as the song! PS: Don't miss the groom's reaction when he sees her for the first time as a bride! 

Have a message for him through your dance? Express with Chogada!

I am sure you must be feeling blessed to have your loved ones for the most special day of your life. This bride had her #squad with her & danced their heart out on Chogada to sent a love message to her bae! (Tip: If you're a shy bride, then join your friends & family members in your bridal entry who will support you till the end!) 

Want To Dance On Your Baraat?

Vasuki, the South Indian bride who went viral for her bridal entry performance made sure to mark her attendance on her Baraat and danced as if no one is watching! Don't miss to bookmark her gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree, bridal jewelry & shades that is perfecto for the D-day! 

Family Welcoming The Bride With This Super Hit 90's Song! 

If you're a millennial bride like us, then you would love this bridal dance entry where her family members pampered her to the next level. Danced on 'Palki Mein Hoke Sawar Chali Re' this is a great 90's track song + easy steps to bookmark for your bridal entry 2020!

Or, This Bride Making Her Grand Bridal Dance Entry On A Real Palki That Goes Perfect With The Song! 

This bridal entry is done so superbly that we can’t stop watching it on repeat. With cute steps and a stunning bridal palki, this bridal entry is our favorite! 

How About Your Groom Makes An Entry For You & Says, 'Tenu Leke Main Javanga'?

While we bookmarking all the bridal entries so far we came across this unique & fun bridal entry where her groom welcomed his bride & she joined in for some fun! 

A Coy Bride Who Danced On 'Saajanji Ghar Aaye' Just Made Our Day!

Thanks to Bollywood for giving such peppy, romantic and emotional bridal entry songs that we still can't help but play it on repeat. Watch how this cute coy bride danced on 'saajanji ghar aaye' and was one happy bride of 2020! 

Lagdi Hai Thaai For The 'Hatke' Brides!

Elegance personified! Being the most special day of your life where you look stunning wearing your bridal lehenga with dazzling jewelry on point we thought to inspire you with this bridal dance entry in the wedding that only shouts 'lagdi hai thaai' on your wedding day! 

A Bollywood Mashup With A Stunning Choreography 

Fan of Bollywood like us? Get your favorite songs as a mashup and dance with your girls. Bookmark their dance steps & get on the dance floor with your bridal entry performance!

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Brides! Shake a leg or two & share your bridal entry dance videos with us :)

Best Bridal Entry Dance Ideas That Went Viral On The Net!

by Chandni Kumar

Best Bridal Entry Dance Ideas That Went Viral On The Net!