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Din Shagna Da is a lovely song that has been a bridal favourite when it comes to bridal entry, over the past few years. However, you have to agree with me when I say that this wedding song has been played way too many times and we all are done and dusted with this ever-classic bridal entry song.

So, to pep up your dreamy bridal entry today we have a top 25 list of songs that are beautiful tracks and are perfect for your bridal entry!

Latest Bridal Entry Songs

1. Kiara Advani's bridal entry was something we had never seen before and had us all enchanted with major credits to this song!

2. If you want to dance your way to the aisle, this fun-filled track is a great choice!

3. This soulful song is sure to enchant everyone from your partner to your wedding guests, as you make your bridal entry on it!

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4. Want to welcome your partner in style? Jee Aayan Nu is the song for your bridal entry 

5. Your Ishq is Sufiyana? Brides, this song for your bridal entrance is one of the most trending songs RN! 

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6. Next, up is a trending bridal song for brides-to-be. Any guesses? It's Bade Ache Lagte Hain by Vishal Mishra! 

7. Want to express your feelings to him? Saiyaan Dil Main Aana Re is the one for you! 

8. Or, how about this beautiful song that Shivaleeka Oberoi walked the aisle on? 

9. We love the young and energetic vibe this song has. It's perfect for a cool bride's entry!

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10. Give your bridal entry a serene and romantic touch with this epic rendition of an old classic!

11. Your bridal entry will be beautified even further as you perform some graceful traditional steps on this heartwarming song!

12. Add a soulful vibe to your bridal entry as you take light and loving steps towards the love of your life!

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13. There are not many songs that match the love and devotion that this touching song has which is why it is perfect for your entrance!

14. This heart-touching song is sure to add a sweet magical charm!

15. The enthusiastic vibes of this energetic song is sure to fill you up with more joy for your bridal entry!

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16. Check out this song if you want to fill up the atmosphere with even more love and colour at the time of your bridal entry!

17. Fill your wedding venue with heavenly tunes as this masterpiece plays when you walk down the aisle! 

18. A bridal entry song that is all about positive and hopeful vibes will be pretty perfect!

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19. Let this beautiful song hype you up as you walk towards the love of your life!

20. This lovely melody has all mushy vibes that are going to make both you and your partner feel special!

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21. Looking for a soothing song for your bridal entry? Rang Lageya is the one for you. 

22. This heavenly English track will add the most romantic feel to your bridal entry!

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23. This song has such lovely lyrics which you can make your bridal entry and have a little slow dance with your partner too!

24. This track is so emotional and beautiful and just perfect for a touching bridal entry!

25. If you have been looking for a sweet song full of positive vibes for your bridal entry, this is it!


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Play on Loop: Mesmerizing Bridal Entry Songs That Are Not Din Shagna Da!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Play on Loop: Mesmerizing Bridal Entry Songs That Are Not Din Shagna Da!