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Let's blow smoke over the stereotypes that Indian brides are only shy and demure. All you need is the right attitude and that sweet ride that will make your groom's heart 'dug dug dug dug!' We are in awe of these rockstar brides that rode into their wedding day on two wheels! Be it a motorcycle or scooter, these real brides took charge and we are here to bask in their totally cool vibe!

We bookmarked our favourite brides on bikes that radiate charisma and cool to the max! Let's take a look!

Bridal Entrance Ideas

Swag Bride

Cool quotient level to the max - this bride is ready to swag her way to the groom's side!

Beating Heart

The eponymous sound of the classic bike resonates in the groom's mind when he sees his funky bride riding toward him!

Mehendi Madness

This bride didn't want to be late for her own mehendi, so she took her transport into her own hands! Love her style.

Now You See Me

This bride is ready to rock her own wedding, and we are here going gaga!

Source Chitrotales

Drive Me Crazy

When the groom knows he's in for a lifetime of quirk. 🥰


When the bride wants her best friend to enter with her in style. 😎

When Riding is Life

India's fastest female rider, Sameera Dahiya rocking next to her beloved bike at her wedding!

Source Sam

Double Trouble

Sneha is a make-up artist by profession but a rider at heart! So naturally, she rode in for her wedding. 😍

Flower Power

The dichotomy of delicate flowers and the powerful image of the bride on the bike is mesmerising!

Source JM

Road Trippin'

When she's dreaming of her future... on the road again!

Driving Him Around

What a gorgeous image post-wedding! With his love at the helm, he's vowed to hold on to her for the rest of their lives. 💕


Actor Megha Gupta with her husband on their wedding day, need we say more?

Source Megha Gupta

Boots On, Ride On

Actor and rider Shilpi Shukla getting into her gear for the wedding. Those boots have our heart. 🤩

Smiles for Miles

This gorgeous bride is just ready to zoom into her wedding day!

Dress it Up!

When you can tell the bride is celebrating her day with her sweet ride all dolled up!

Final Words

These bold and funky brides are totally stealing the game with their rockstar entries. Would you try the same?


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Real Brides Who Rocked Their Wedding Entry on Two-Wheels!

by Maggie S.

Real Brides Who Rocked Their Wedding Entry on Two-Wheels!