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My dear brides-to-be, the weeks leading up to your wedding can be stressful. Are you making any time for yourself? Amidst all the preparations, you must be exhausted. However, you must take care of yourself both, physically and mentally.

This is why I bring to you some tried and tested tips and tricks that will ensure that your skin is glowing, your hair is shiny, your nails are strong and your mind is happy. 

Self-Care For Brides To Be

Glowy Skin

You are going to be a bride. Of course, your skin needs to be healthy. So, no matter how busy you are, take care of your skin. It is the largest and the most exposed organ of the human body, after all. 

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1. Follow Your CTM Routine 

Your skin needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturized every single day, both in the morning and at night. Consult your dermatologist to get the best CTM products according to your skin type and skin concerns. 

2. Wear Your Sunscreen 

You need to wear sunscreen after your CTM routine every single day regardless of whether you are going out in the sun or not. Sunscreen protects your skin from skin cancer, pigmentation, etc. 

3. Maintain A Healthy Diet

If you want your skin to glow, you need to make sure that you are eating a nutritiously balanced diet. Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and smoking. 

4. Use Clean Makeup Brushes & Sponges 

Dirty makeup brushes and sponges trap a lot of bacteria that can cause acne and disrupt your skin barrier. So, make it a point to only use clean makeup brushes and sponges during the weeks leading up to your wedding. 

5. Make Sure To Have 8 Hours Of Sleep Daily

Just like your diet, sleep is crucial for glowing skin. So, make sure you sleep for 8 to 10 hours every night. 

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Shiny Hair

Your tresses deserve some tender loving care, not just during the weeks leading up to your wedding, but always. Make these tips a part of your hair care routine to ensure healthy and shiny hair. 

1. Always Follow Up Your Shampoo With A Conditioner

You might be tempted to finish your shower routine ASAP and skip conditioner after shampoo. However, you must always use conditioner on the lengths of your hair after shampooing your head as shampoo only cleanses while conditioner nourishes and protects your hair. 

2. Oil Your Hair Before Every Wash

Oil is good for your hair no matter how much you want to think or say otherwise. Always massage your scalp and oil your hair 30 minutes before your hair wash. 

3. Use A Wet Brush On Wet Hair

Wet hair is vulnerable and quite prone to breakage. A wet brush is designed to detangle wet hair which is why you must use it when your hair is wet. 

4. Switch To Wooden Wide Tooth Combs 

Wooden wide tooth combs are easy on your hair and scalp and they promote good blood circulation to your head. So, start using a wooden wide-tooth comb. 

5. Dry Your Hair Using A Microfibre Towel

Switching to microfibre towels will do wonders for your hair. They protect your hair from breaking and frizziness. 

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Strong Nails

Manicures and nail extensions are cute. However, you need to let your nails breathe. It is important to keep your nails healthy and pretty as they are. Follow these useful tips to achieve strong and healthy nails. 

1. Clean Your Nails Daily Using a Brush 

If you want your nails to grow strong, you need to keep them clean, especially the insides. So, keep a nail brush on your sink and use it to clean the dirt under your nails every single day. 

2. Be Gentle On Your Cuticles

Your cuticles don't need to be pushed away. It is a good idea to use a cuticle oil twice a week, though. 

3. File The Rough Edges Away

Rough edges can cause your nails to break and chip. So, keep a nail file handy at all times to smooth out any rough edges on your nails. 

4. Always Use A Strengthening Base Coat 

Whether you are applying nail polishes or not, always keep a strengthening base coat on your nails. They keep your nails shiny and strong. 

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Happy Mind

Dear bride-to-be, your mental health is just as important as your physical health, if not more. Incorporate the following habits to ensure that your mental health is good and that your mind is happy. 

1. Start Journaling Daily

Journaling is an extremely helpful tool to express your thoughts, emotions and ideas freely. It eases your mind putting you in a better mood and reducing stress. 

2. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

You are going to be married and will be moving to your husband's house. It is extremely important to spend time with your loved ones. So, make it a point to take out an hour or two for them every single day. It will help you strengthen your bond with them and will release happy hormones in your body as well. 

3. Get Your Daily Dose Of Sunshine

The benefits of taking in the first rays of the Sun for fifteen to twenty minutes every single day are endless. It improves your sleep quality and boosts your mood. 

4. Reduce Your Screen Time

Way too much screen time can take a toll on your mental health. So, cut down on it, especially before you go to bed. 

5. Do Breathing Exercises 

Doing breathing exercises daily helps you relax and can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. 

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From Head to Toe: Bridal Beauty Tips for Glowy Skin, Shiny Hair, Strong Nails and Happy Mindset

by Pratiksha Pandey

From Head to Toe: Bridal Beauty Tips for Glowy Skin, Shiny Hair, Strong Nails and Happy Mindset