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As exciting and overwhelming the entire wedding planning journey is, it is super exhausting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Right from preparing the guest lists and sending invites to the entire wedding shopping, booking vendors and taking care of the timeliness of every task, planning your wedding is a heavy task. One of the most essential aspects of an eased up wedding planning process is to stay fresh, active and mindful throughout.

With so many tasks and responsibilities to take care of, you're bound to feel tired and drained out both mentally and physically. Which is why it is essential to maintain that right balance between planning your wedding and relaxing yourself out. To put it short, you got to take those constant breaks from taxing wedding preps.

If you're wondering as to how to take wedding planning break then keep hanging here. To help you lighten up your senses and break the monotony we've curated a list of the best ways to take wedding planning breaks. Take notes, follow all that you can and make your wedding planning more fun and easy because a tired body and a tired mind are a big no-no!

Fun & Easy Ways to Take a Break From Wedding Planning

1. Therapeutic spa sessions

Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating and aromatic spa session to de-stress yourself amidst all those wedding preps. A relaxing spa session is one of the best ways to take a break from wedding planning.

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2. Dinner or breakfast dates with bae

While you're occupied with all the tasks of planning your wedding and taking care of all the responsibilities, don't forget to spend some quality time with your significant other. Take a break from wedding planning every now and then, go out and have fun together. Start your day together with a lovely breakfast together or end it on a romantic note with a dinner date; basically, just go hang out with them and make them feel special.

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3. Join fitness classes

For a constant mind and body rejuvenation and health, gymming or joining some yoga or Zumba fitness classes should definitely be on your how to take wedding planning break list. A regular fitness regimen would not only be a good break but would also keep your mind and body healthy. Incorporate a few healthy and balanced meals in your diet along with for best results.

4. A short vacation or holiday

Freshen up your senses and your soul with a short (or long) vacay or a holiday. Be it with your family, your bae or your friends, just take that trip to your favorite place and explore and revel in the joy of the unknown. It's like they say, "a vacation is the answer to everything!" 

5. Make time for what you love doing

The key to happiness is to do more of what you love and what brings you calm and peace. Amidst all your busy schedules and wedding preparations along with, do take time out for what you love doing. Join classes if you might like cooking classes, dance sessions, art classes etc. Just don't stop doing what really makes you happy even if it is as minute as listening to music.

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6. Family dates are a must

As much hectic all the wedding planning is for you, it is for your family as well. Your parents and siblings are equally overwhelmed and equipped with the responsibilities of your wedding and well, even they deserve that much needed time off.  The best way to take a break from wedding planning for all of you is to go out or indulge in some activity together. Go food hogging, take some classes together or maybe take that family trip finally! It'll not only be refreshing but would also make your family feel special and loved.

7. Plan an adventurous sport or activity weekend

A weekend out doing some adventurous and thrilling sport or activity is one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping ways to break that monotony of wedding tasks. Go out there and plan a day or two out with your loved ones doing river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, snorkeling or whatever it is that you would love to do. You do imagine that blood rush already, don't you?

8. Party out with friends

Take those Friday and Saturday nights seriously and go party your heart out with your friends. Go clubbing or a fun chit-chat kinda dinner but, this just can't be missed out from the "how to take wedding planning break" list.

9. Spend some time with yourself

And last but not least, don't forget to shut out the world every once in a while and spend some time with yourself. Spending some alone time either doing what you love or doing absolutely nothing is totally essential. Get off that phone, internet, and television and rejoice in your own company.


Don't stress and enjoy every bit of your wedding planning journey!

9 Fun ways to Break Free from the Stress of Wedding Planning

by Divya Arora

9 Fun ways to Break Free from the Stress of Wedding Planning