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Whether you are the mother of the bride, a guest at a wedding, or simply the bride, you will wear a blouse at the wedding functions. It doesn’t matter what outfit you go with but a blouse is mostly a part of any Indian wear outfit. And, in today’s time, those classic blouses ain’t cutting it. Now the trend has drastically changed and the need of the hour is stylish blouse designs. And not the front side but in fact, the back blouse designs!

That’s why today, we have hunted for the most unique, fresh, and gorgeous back blouse designs worn by real brides. Scroll below and check them out!

Best Back Blouse Designs For Brides

Traditional Back Blouse Designs

There’s a certain charm in doing things the traditional way. We may have numerous options to choose from but every now and then, the heart wants to go back to traditional wear. That’s why we made sure to include some of the classic and traditional back blouse designs that will work perfectly with this type of bridal wear outfit!

Flaunt That Back!

Millennial brides, where are you at? This category is for you! In today’s time, it is natural to want to flaunt that back and no better way to do so than with a stylish and trending blouse design. These blouses with just threads on the back are edgy, chic and so classy!

No matter what you decide to pair with these blouses, it will look ravishing as an outfit on you!

Source Pinterest

Beaded From The Back!

If you want extra attention to go on the back of your blouse, we recommend getting some beads or pearls put there. Ladies, mark out words - not only will you feel really festive but the design will come out exceptionally well. Scroll below and check out these real brides who went with beads for their back blouse designs.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pooja Hegde

Intricate Back Designs

Now we have seen traditional blouses, backless ones, and even beaded ones but lately, intricate blouses are dominating the Indian bridal industry. So, if you want a heavy blouse with a ton of detailing, we recommend you check out these real brides who opted for intricate back blouse designs.

Source Pinterest

Source Needle Eye

Source Diana Penty

Source Poo Stories

Source Studio149

Unconventional Back Blouse Designs

On the hunt for a kickass blouse with the most stunning details on the back? Well, who isn’t? But honestly, we are in absolute awe of these real brides who took the unconventional route and opted for some amazing and unconventional back blouse designs. Do scroll below and bookmark the ones you like!

Source Studio149

Source Studio149


Which back blouse design did you like the most? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

55 Best Blouse Back Designs That We Are Currently Crushing On!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

55 Best Blouse Back Designs That We Are Currently Crushing On!