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Wedding planning for a woman begins right from the day her other half bends on one knee and proposes to her. And, we all know that the most important part of wedding planning is to decode the bridal look. Now, the good part is that a chunk of women already know the kind of bride they want to be on their big day. And, while some want to be a traditional bride and wear a red lehenga, some don’t mind doing things differently and opting for a different colour. So for the unique brides, we have found ultimate ways that you can avoid wearing a red bridal lehenga but can make use of the colour in your bridal look. Scroll below and check out these amazing hacks!

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Red To Your Bridal Look

Buy a Red Dupatta

Well, we understand if you don’t want to wear the colour red on your big day. It is worn by literally 9 in 10 women, there are many more stunning colours out there and millennials these days prefer channelling their personality more than anything. However, if you do want to add this colour to your overall bridal outfit, we recommend purchasing a matching red dupatta. The dupatta will add all the balance you need to your look, you will get a traditional element and will also be able to wear whatever colour you want to.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Go With Red Flowers for Your Bridal Hairdo

If you don’t want to implement red at all in your bridal outfit, a great way to include the colour in your bridal look is by getting your bridal hairdo done with red flowers. There are a plethora of options in red flowers such as roses, carnations, orchids, and whatnot, making it super easy for you to opt for a hairdo.

Red Jewellery With A Neutral Colour Outfit

If you are opting for a neutral colour such as cream or white for your big day, a great way to add some color to your overall bridal look is by pairing red jewellery with your outfit. Red is such a bold and bright color that by simply donning basic jewellery, your bridal look will get amped up!

Red Shoes Are The Ultimate Addition

We’ve come across plenty of brides who love wearing sneakers with their bridal outfits on their wedding day and we can completely understand why. For one, sneakers are super comfortable. Secondly, dancing and letting loose.

So, if you want to highlight the colour red but don’t want it to dominate, you can always opt for red sneakers!

Source Adil Bajwa


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How to Add RED in Your Bridal Look Without Donning a Red Lehenga

by Shweghna Gursahaney

How to Add RED in Your Bridal Look Without Donning a Red Lehenga