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Winter is here girls, and so are our skin & hair problems. Frizzy hair, dry skin and dandruff are on their way to trouble us. And all the brides-to-be will have to take care of themselves to maintain the glow for their wedding day. The bride is ‘the’ showstopper for her wedding. From her attire to makeup, everything should be stunning. But in the hustle and bustle of preparations, she often forgets to pamper herself. Today we have listed some tried and tested pre-bridal beauty tips for all the winter brides.  

Hair & Skincare Routine For All The Brides-to-be.


Source Shahid Naar

1. Use warm/cold water to wash your hair

A hot water bath is like heaven in winters. But washing your hair with hot water can turn into a disaster. Make a habit of washing your hair with cold or warm water to make it less frizzy. 

2. Condition your hair with an oil-based moisturizer

It would be better for your hair to use an oil-based moisturizer to lock extra moisture. It will help to nourish your hair better and will make them healthy. 

3. Hydrate your hair with oil and gel

Always massage your hair before washing them with oil. You can also use gel to hydrate them. This routine will make your hair stronger and shiny. 

4. Don’t comb your wet hair

If you don’t want to lose your precious hair before your d-day then don’t even think of combing your wet hair. It will only result in hair fall. 

5. Say bye to dandruff with masks

Winters come with a lot of dandruff and scalp irritation. Try some DIY hair masks with lemon to avoid dandruff. 


1. Take care of your lips

Wedding functions mean different shades of lipsticks for different days. Avoid chapped and dry lips by exfoliating it and apply lip balm regularly to get fuller lips. 

2. Keep aloe vera gel close

Aloe vera is beneficial for your skin. It makes your skin softer, spotless and adds the required glow. Apply aloe vera gel to get healthier skin. 

3. Exfoliation on its way

Remove the dead cells from your skin by proper exfoliation. It is an easy process and will give you the results instantly. 

4. Enough sleep is important

The process of getting married can be hectic and exhausting. Don’t mess up with your sleep cycle as it will directly show on your face. So don’t forget to take enough sleep between all the preparations. 

5. Don’t forget your hands and feet

Remove dry skin from your hands and feet by applying moisturizer overnight. Also, don’t miss your manicure and pedicure appointments. 


In the process of implementing all the tips, don’t forget to eat healthy food. Oily and junk food will show its result on your hair and skin only. So, say no to unhealthy food and follow a balanced diet. 


Do you think we missed anything? Add more tips in the comment section

Getting Married This Winter? Here Are Some Hair & Skincare Tips For You

by Rashmi Jayara

Getting Married This Winter? Here Are Some Hair & Skincare Tips For You