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Credits: Israni Photography; Arpita Mehta

Brides these days are celebrating their pre-wedding functions with just as much vigour as their big day and we love to see it. They are also paying a healthy amount of attention to their pre-wedding function outfit which is just amazing. You only get married once, after all! So, what are you going to wear for your pre-wedding functions?  A lehenga or a coord set?

What To Wear When: Lehenga vs Coord Set For Your Pre-Wedding Functions

Wearing a lehenga is simply timeless but a coord set looks oh so chic! Which one should you go for? Both of these bridal outfits have their own advantages. Read along to make the right pick for yourself!

When To Wear A Lehenga

When You Want A Traditional Look

If you want to go for a traditional bridal look for your pre-wedding functions, a lehenga is the best fit for you. It doesn't have to be a heavy lehenga. You can go for a simple, lightweight lehenga if you still want to be comfortable. 

Source Gazal Gupta

When You Just Can't Get Enough Of Twirling Shots

A lehenga is a girl's best friend. The moment you wear a lehenga, you feel like a princess. The best part about wearing a lehenga is that you can get oh so many twirling shots. Every girls like a fun twirling shot in her bridal lehenga, afterall. 

For Your Haldi or Mehendi Ceremony

Even though you might not have thought about it but a lehenga is the most functional and comfortable outfit for your Haldi and Mehendi. You need to get mehendi all over your hands nd feet and you have to get haldi applied all over your body. If you are wearing a lehenga, it makes it much easier for you to bare your hands and legs for these pre-wedding functions. 

When To Wear A Coord Set

When You Want To Go For A Modern Look

A modern bride loves her coord sets. With so many bridal coord set options in the market these days, you don't have to compromise. You can still look like a bride wearing your coor set. Take it to the next level by opting for a red coord set. 

When You Want A Functional Outfit

If you are a bride who just dosn't want to sit throughout her pre-wedding functions, a coord set seems like a great option. A coord set is nowhere close to being as heavy as a lehenga. So, you can easily walk, dance and socialize in it. 

For Your Sangeet or Engagement 

A coord set makes for a great choice of outfit for your sangeet or engagement party. This is because brides often dance on these functions. A coord set is so comfortable to dance in. You can do endless performances and have just so much fun. 


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What To Wear When: Lehenga vs Coord Set For Your Pre-Wedding Functions!

by Pratiksha Pandey

What To Wear When: Lehenga vs Coord Set For Your Pre-Wedding Functions!