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It takes a village to plan a wedding and one of the most important roles is played by the wedding decorator. Of course, there are wedding planners, caterers and other wedding vendors that are just as important but no one can replace your wedding decorator. It is a huge responsibility to bring your aesthetic expectations to life, after all. So, it is non-negotiable to make the right pick when it comes to hiring your wedding decorator. We, at WeddingBazaar, are here with you on this journey.

So, read along as we walk you through everything you need to know about a wedding decorator

A Guide On WeddingBazaar's Wedding Decorator

Hiring a wedding decorator ensures that you achieve your dream wedding aesthetic. Allow us to help you do it right!

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Decorator?

The role that your wedding decorator at WeddingBazaar plays is irreplaceable. Here are all the reasons why you should hire a wedding decorator. 

Decor by Aroosi, Delhi

1. Professional Touch To Your Wedding Decor

Wedding decorators are experts in creating aesthetically pleasing and well-coordinated wedding designs. They infuse your wedding venue with your vision and style by adding innovative ideas and creativity to the decor.

2. Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

A wedding decorator's approach to work is by listening to your dreams and visions regarding your dream first. Once they get to know what you want, they make it happen which makes your big day even more special. 

3. Access To A Wide Range of Resources

A vast range of decor items is often accessible to experienced wedding decorators due to their established relationships with vendors. They can also help you with finding other wedding vendors through their connections. 

4. Seamless Coordination

Wedding decorators take it upon themselves to ensure that the decor blends beautifully and so does the responsibility of each person in their team. From flowers to lights, they take off everything for you. 

5. Saves You A Lot Of Time

A wedding requires extensive planning, which can take a lot of time. By hiring a decorator, you can assign the task of creating and implementing the decor, which gives you more time to enjoy your big day. 

6. Ensures A Stress-Free Experience 

Having an experienced wedding decorator on board can help reduce some of the stress of wedding planning. You can unwind and enjoy your special day without worrying about the little things. 

7. Highly Customizable

A wedding decorator customizes everything for you to suit your budget and taste. Regardless of your style preference, they can make your vision a reality and provide you and your guests with an unforgettable event.

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How To Book Your Wedding Decorator On WeddingBazaar

Do you want to book a wedding decorator for your big day? WeddingBazaar is just the place you were looking for! With over 2 lakh wedding vendor partners, WeddingBazaar offers a wide range of wedding decorators to suit your aesthetic, budget and location. Follow these steps to book your wedding decorator on WeddingBazaar!

  • Go To and hover over the 'Wedding Vendors' option on the top bar. 
  • Choose 'Wedding Decorators' from the dropdown. 
  • A catalogue with a wide range of wedding decorators will appear on the screen. 
  • Select your city to shortlist your options further. 
  • Find the best wedding decorators for you by entering your budget. 
  • Make sure to go through the decorator's pricing, portfolio and reviews.
  • WeddingBazar also lets you get in touch with wedding decorators through the call/chat option which is free. 
  • Now that you know all the steps, you have to make the right choice!

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Things To Know Before You Book A Wedding Decorator

Hiring a wedding decorator is an easy task but to make sure that you have chosen the right one, here are all the things you need to make sure of!\

1. Budget

The first thing that you need to know before you hire a wedding decorator is the budget bracket that you are willing to spend and the budget bracket that the wedding decorator works with. This initial question can ensure a smooth conversation.

2. Fee

Your budget for the wedding decor and the wedding decorator's fee are two separate things. Make sure that both of these things fall well within your total spending limit on your wedding decor. Make sure to go through the vendor's portfolio. 

3. Ratings & Reviews

Once you have had a conversation with the wedding decorator about the cost, you can come to the next most important part. Go throw the ratings and reviews left by the wedding decorator's past clients. This will give you a good insight. 

4. Availability

Now that you are satisfied with the wedding decorator's budget and reviews, you can finally tell them your wedding date and ask them if they will be available. It is a good idea to book your wedding decorator 6-12 months before the wedding. 

5. Vision

It is now time to tell your wedding decorator what your vision is in respect to your wedding decor. Even if you don't have an exact idea, you can just tell them about the overall aesthetic. This will help them service you better. 

6. Communication

As you speak to the wedding decorator about the aforementioned things, you must notice how they communicate with you. If they listen to you well and put their thoughts forward gently, they are a great pick. 

7. Terms & Conditions

Carefully read the decorator's contract before you sign it. To prevent misunderstandings later on, make sure that all information including services, pricing, payment schedule, cancellation policy, and any additional fees or charges is disclosed. 

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Decorator 

Congratulations! You have finally completed all the steps to book a wedding decorator. However, there are still a few things that you need to know and take care of. Ask your wedding decorator these questions once you have hired them!

Design Explanation:

  • Can you check to see if the design concept fits with our vision?
  • Do you have any updates or modifications to the original design proposal that would require our discussion?

Calendar and Benchmarks:

  • What are the important dates or checkpoints in the decor planning process?
  • Is it possible for you to give me a precise schedule for when each job will be finished?

Vendor Sync:

  • Have you worked with the venue, florist, and rental company, among other wedding vendors?
  • How are you going to make sure that every single piece of decor blends in with the wedding theme as a whole?

Personalization and Customization:

  • Is it possible for us to modify the design plan or incorporate unique elements?
  • How do you handle requests or changes at the last minute?

Policies and Payment Schedule:

  • Could you please check the payment schedule to make sure the due dates are clear?
  • What are your rules about contract modifications, refunds, and cancellations?

Backup Plans:

  • What backup plans are in place in case of unanticipated events (like weather shifts or problems with vendors)?
  • How would you respond to unforeseen difficulties that might come up on the wedding day?

Customer Obligations:

  • Do we have any particular duties or obligations to meet to guarantee a seamless decor planning process?
  • At this point, do you require any additional data or suggestions from us?

Final Details:

  • Is it possible for us to arrange a last venue tour to verify every detail of the decor?
  • Are there any other matters that require our attention before the wedding day?

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Final Words

Hiring a wedding decorator takes a lot of research but once you get there, what awaits you is a beautiful and comfortable experience. With hundreds of amazing wedding decorators listed on our platform, we are sure to be able to find the one that suits your requirements the best. 


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The Ultimate Wedding Decorator Guide at WeddingBazaar Is Here!

by Pratiksha Pandey

The Ultimate Wedding Decorator Guide at WeddingBazaar Is Here!