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Wedding planning is exciting but can also get overwhelming. There are a million things you need to plan, whether it's selecting your bridal outfit or saving ideas for wedding decor or searching for the best of the best vendors. Then there are guests you need to take care of, logistics to be managed. In the middle of all this, there will be a few things that will slip your mind. 

We spoke to 3 wedding planners and decorators who broke down the most important yet most often forgotton details that get overlooked during wedding planning and on the day of your function:

Jasleen from Bouganvilla Designs wants you to be sure about who's getting what:

1) Is the panditji or the decorator responsible for the hawan kund and samagri? CHECK!
"Mostly no one addresses this until it's too late at the venue. The pandit ji looks at the client who looks at the decorator to provide this. And usually, the hotel has to procure this from the leftovers of previous weddings on their premises.”

Baraati Inc. suggests making sure all the wedding essentials are in place:

2) Pack a roll of moli for kalira
"It is small but essential. Some kaliras require being individually threaded for tying. People who don’t know this or are unprepared tend to run around with panicking at the last minute".

#SpottedAtRealWedding: Team Baraati Inc came to the rescue with their 'Shaadi Survival Kit' that contains molis, sindoor, safety pins and ointments.

3) Make sure you carry jewellery to the parlour!
"There’s no ‘jugaad’ for this one! It must be packed right, kept and transported safely at all times!"

#SpottedAtRealWedding: Our very own Chief Content Officer, Shinjini Amitabh Chawla, packed her jewellery but forgot to take it along with her and realised only when the makeup artist asked her for the maang tikka!

4) Assign someone to coordinate with the DJ for entry songs
"A lot of times, the DJ does not have the particular choice of track you have decided on, you cannot expect him to have it!"

Also, make sure you have multiple copies of the soundtrack or the video that you want to be played. You just can't rely on one pen drive - it can be forgotten, lost or get corrupted. And sometimes, phones might don't get plugged into DJ's equipment too!

5) Arrange meals for all your vendors and other help!
“People making your big day cannot be left unfed and not looked after! You or your family don’t want to be in a situation where a rude vendor points out in the middle of the function that they deserve some shaadi food!

6) Always keep the right pair of extra shoes/heels for the bride & groom
“One of our bride’s heels broke while she was walking towards her wedding venue. It was disastrous as her back up heels were of a taller height creating a gap between her lehenga and the floor!”

7) Create a strict timeline during wedding planning
Keep buffer time and extra time in hand but a realistic timeline is important to chart out in order to STICK to it on the big day!

8) Book small vendors before hand
“Make sure smaller vendors are locked in with an advance payment and followed up with regularly. Whether it’s the mehendi or ghodi wala who can ditch at the last minute if not booked properly”.

9) Brides, don’t forget to pee!
“Yes, it might not seem like an important thing to ‘remember’ but it is! Release the tension before walking into the spotlight. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the middle of your function”.

Purvi Modgil, Partner at F5 Weddings, talks about makeup artists and venue

10) Don't forget to hire a makeup artist for guests
“Everyone wants to look their best for your wedding. Arranging for a makeup artist/hair stylist for your guests is a thing you might forget during your wedding planning. Book a good local artist so that your guests feel important too and moreover feel well looked after”.

11) If you're having outdoor celebrations, always have a Plan B in place
“Especially if you have planned an outdoor celebration, it's recommended that you formulate backup plans in case of rain or bad weather. This eliminates any additional stress on the day of the wedding.”


Wedding Planners Reveal 11 Things Couples Tend To Forget (But Really Shouldn’t) While Planning Their Big Day!

by Sanchita Kalra

Wedding Planners Reveal 11 Things Couples Tend To Forget (But Really Shouldn’t) While Planning Their Big Day!