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We all have dealt with bad hair days when our hair just didn’t seem to be in place with all that frizz and fluff. And while they wouldn’t have bothered you much on a casual day, it certainly is the last thing that you would want on your wedding day. After all, your wedding hair needs to be just in sync with your wedding attire and makeup.

But to make that happen, there are a few dos and don’ts for your wedding hair that you need to keep in mind. Go read ‘em out and make sure you’re noting them down somewhere!

Dos for your Wedding Hair

1. Take as many trials as you can

Even when you have known your hair stylist for ages and blindly trust them for the kind of work they do, you should shamelessly ask them to give you as many wedding day hair trials as you want. That’s because you really don't know how your hair will turn out to be or which hairstyle will suit you the best until your hair stylist has tried and tested it on you. So keep this guessing game for later and explore more.

2. Talk to your hairstylist

When we say talk to your hairstylist, we don’t just mean enquire about their prices or their bookings over a call, but a lot more than that. Meet them personally and tell them the details about your wedding, including the attire, the jewelry or even the theme of your wedding. Keep your ideas and expectations on the table. Ask them which hairstyle would best suit your face shape and take their advice seriously.

3. Wear your blouse before getting your hair done

Doing your hair without getting into your blouse might turn out to be disastrous and you don't that stress on the D-day. Even if your blouse is not a slip on and has concealers or hooks it's always a good idea to wear your blouse before getting your hair done. The fall of the neckline on your neck will also help your hairstylist make some quick fixes in the hairstyle to make sure your bridal look is well executed.

4. Do first things first - Buy your outfit

Before you get your hands on Pinterest or blogs in search of pretty bridal hair buns or open hairstyles for the wedding day, purchase your wedding outfit already. Once you have done that, finalizing on whether you want your hair up or down becomes a lot easier.

5. Pamper your hair

Lustrous and shiny hair doesn't just happen in a day. You’ve got to give them continuous nourishment and care to make sure they appear just as beautiful as you want them to be. So why not start today? Incorporate some miraculous foods in your diet—more fruits and leafy veggies. Give your hair a therapeutic spa treatment or a nourishing conditioning treatment at least once in two weeks (until your wedding day) to ensure they don’t appear to be dry or brittle on your big day.

Don’ts for your Wedding Hair

1. Don't use synthetic hair extensions

While synthetic hair extensions may be relatively cheaper than the natural ones, but they can literally burn a hole in your pockets (and even your hair) if not handled with care as they are made of plastic and acrylic (which are both highly flammable materials). Hence it is best to opt for natural hair extensions if at all you are planning to try them at your wedding.

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2. Don't dye (color) your hair days before the wedding

Dying your hair sounds like an interesting idea but not when there are only a few days left in your wedding. After all, there is no surety whether the hair color would suit your skin tone and go with your wedding day look. So, it is best that you refrain from experimenting at the last moment.

3. Don't try a major haircut weeks before the wedding

After you've already finalized on your wedding day look and decided what hairstyle you will don on your wedding day, getting a new haircut done at the last may not be the right thing to do. This will not only change the texture of your hair but also hamper the plans that you had made with your hairstylist.

4. Don't miss out on some accessories

Once you have picked a hairstyle for yourself, don't forget to select some simple yet elegant accessories to adorn it with. Be it a small hair clip, a dainty wedding headband or a flower crown, gather them all and try them one by one during your hair trial. This way there will be no last minute glitches and you’ll end up with perfect bridal hair that you had dreamed of.

5. Don't Overdo

Now that you have so many hair accessories to pick from—right from those pearl clips to buns decked up with flora and fauna, you must have got completely tempted to use them all at once. But that’s one mistake you must avoid your wedding hair. Because an excess of everything is bad, and you definitely don’t want to look bad on your special day.

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Pen down these important points and let your hairstylist do the rest!

Wedding Hair Dos & Don'ts every to-be Bride MUST keep in mind!

by Anupriya Khanna

Wedding Hair Dos & Don'ts every to-be Bride MUST keep in mind!