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Weddings are all about making merry, having fun and celebrating along with your loved ones; and of course, planning. A lot of it actually! From venues, decors and wine & dine to outfits, jewellery, hair, and makeup, there’s a lot to it. But, what probably gets you all worked up and stressed is your wedding guest list.

We know preparing a guest list is no less than a task but, we got your back. Don’t let this tedious task spoil all the fun and excitement of your wedding. Just follow these simple dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while preparing your guest list and you’re good to go!

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  1. The first thing that you should do is to discuss everything with your immediate family members about how you want to go about making the list. Take their inputs and suggestions and come down to a conclusion that’s easy and not confusing.
  2. It’s important that how the whole wedding would be budgeted for is discussed and decided upon by both the families prior to everything. Knowing how the financial responsibilities of the wedding would be divided would give you an idea of your budget.
  3. It’s essential that while preparing your guests list you try not going out of your budget. If at all you find yourself going beyond that set budget, make sure that the change is not too significant and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  4. Keep in mind the venue that you’ve chosen for your wedding. Having a lot of guests but not enough space to accommodate them is downright embarrassing.
  5. Before you begin preparing your list, it’s feasible to categorize it into two parts-

    List A: This list should include all your closest family members, relatives, friends, and co-workers; basically all those people you surely want to have at your wedding without a doubt.

    List B: This list should include all those people that you either aren’t really sure about inviting or you’re going to invite only if the budget allows.

    You can narrow down your list further by dividing it into as many parts as you like. But, prioritize!

  6. If you have a lot of people to invite then try dividing the list into two where half of it is for your guests and half of it is for your parents. This way none of your important guests would be left out.
  7. Have an idea of the number of guests per invitation.
  8. Also, if you have guests coming over from overseas, it’s important that you send them the invitations first and also confirm if they’d be joining you on your big day. Knowing this beforehand will help you in keeping a track of the total numbers.

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  1. Don’t panic while preparing the list or make it in a rush. Start as soon as you can so that you have ample time.
  2. Don’t hesitate while discussing the budget and the number of guests with your partner. Having a clear and sorted understanding regarding everything is the best way to go about this.
  3. Pressure from either of the partners or families or anybody regarding increasing the number of guests, budget or the venue size is a big no-no!
  4. Don’t go on inviting people verbally. If at all you end up doing that, make sure to add their names in the guest's list to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  5.  To keep your list as curated and personal as possible avoid inviting:-
    - Anybody you just 'know'
    - Anybody you haven’t seen or spoken to in quite a while and probably won’t for long
    - People who are “just neighbors”
    - People just for the sake of returning the favor
    - Anybody just because someone else asked you to
  6. Avoid last-minute add-ons.
  7. Don’t forget to go through the list again and maybe even twice.
  8. Don’t feel bad for having a small guest list or for not inviting someone.

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At the end of the day remember, it's your wedding and you got to have fun and enjoy the excitement of it all. Don't let anything stress you out too much because everything can be worked out!

Wedding Guest List preps made easy with these basic DOs & DON'Ts!

by Divya Arora

Wedding Guest List preps made easy with these basic DOs & DON'Ts!