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Wedding albums are the ultimate keepsakes to preserve the numerous emotions and activities that take place throughout your wedding revelries. Preserving memories has evolved from the old-school standard books to using quirky themes and fun ideas to make your coffee table book as it is known today, all the more interesting.

All the passion and emotions of your wedding day translate beautifully into stunning pictures. So why not think of your wedding album as an emotional record and pick the photos you can’t live without. Pull out your favourite memories and weave them into a deluxe wedding photo album that you can proudly display on your coffee table. 

Figuring out a special way to keep your wedding pictures safe for years to come is surely a priority for most couples. You put a lot of work into planning for them and your photographers put a lot of work into taking them so they surely deserve to be preserved in a unique and magnificent way. And that is why we are here to help you with the most offbeat wedding album designs to preserve your special moments.

Wedding albums can be designed in umpteen ways and sizes suiting your preferences. Check out these top wedding album designs and pick up some unique ideas.

Inspiring Wedding Album Designs

1. A solid raw silk hardcover with embroidery 

This beautiful raw silk hardcover album is perfect if you are looking for a minimal wedding album design. The embroidered silk thread words give it a simple yet unique look and we love how flawless this wedding album design looks.

2. A layout for your mehndi portraits

The picture of the bride and her mehndi are merged with so much perfection within one frame that it looks really mesmerizing. This wedding album layout can surely be a pick for your mehndi portraits. 

3. A bridal portrait on the centre spread

Spread across two pages, this bridal picture is making us go wow! A stunning bridal portrait with some white space at one side and a monochrome picture of the bride turned out to be a beautiful wedding album design.

4. Do it the collage way!

Take up the best moments or the favourite pictures from your wedding and arrange them in a collage kinda way and you will be good to go!

5. A floral cover page!

Do you too love floral prints? If yes, then this minimal cover page design with floral prints and the name of the couple is all you need!

6. All's well that ends well!

This stunning wedding album design can perfectly be the last page of your wedding album as it shows a happily married couple and indicates a happy ending, just as everyone wishes for!

Source Zohaib Ali

7. A procession of your wedding rituals!

A wedding page layout showing the procession of your wedding rituals is a must! It will always remind you of all the ceremonies that took place and how much fun you had while performing all those traditions and rituals!

Source Zohaib Ali

8. All the white space!

Bordered by white space on all the sides, this is another wedding album design which will surely rock your coffee table book. Pick up the most quirky and fun pictures and put them up this way! 

9. For the love of fuchsia!

A hand-embroidered fuchsia pink hardcover wedding album design is perfect for the couples who are looking for minimal wedding album designs. Its simplicity and beauty is making us love it and we are sure that you would love it too1

10. Design the first page this way!

Confused regarding what to put up on the first page of your wedding album? Well, what better than a picture of the couple along with their name and some empty space to highlight the picture!

11. Pheras done right!

And we will say it again, having some fun and candid captures of the wedding rituals is a must-have in your wedding album. Assemble all your Vedic phera moments and rituals in one place, just like this one here!

12. Your wedding guests should be there too!

Just like your wedding is incomplete without the guests, your wedding book is incomplete without them too! It is essential to have pictures of your wedding guests, so capture their entrance, dance and fun moments and lay them in your wedding album design so that you can cherish them for a lifetime!

13. A layout for your Mehendi day!

This wedding album design is just the perfect way to cherish you mehndi day for years to come ahead.  From your mehndi day decor to your henna laden hands, this wedding album layout will cover your mehndi day in an amazing way!

14. Cuz we are going gaga over collages.

And we will say it again, one of the most trending wedding album design is the collage one. And you have to do is take your favourite pictures and set them up in a collage and it will surely rock in your wedding album.

15. What can be better than a monochrome?

Don't we all have a special liking for monochrome, well yes it looks good. So, why not have some monochromic pictures in your wedding album too? Have a bridal portrait in monochrome and fall in love with yourself again!

16. Band Baja Baraat!

Baraat is surely the most fun part of a wedding and it deserves a good amount of importance in your wedding album. This wedding album layout is perfect to give you the feels of the baraat again when you look at it, even after years.

17. Portrait with some white spaces!

A look of the bride from every angle is a must! So pick up all the pictures of her look and arrange them with white spaces on all sides and you will surely fall in love with how good it looks!

18. Black and white with a twist of colours!

How about having a back and white wedding album background design which is full of coloured pictures on it? Well, this contrast will look awesome without a doubt just like this one right here looks!

19. A minimal cover page wedding album design!

Having the perfect first page of the wedding album is utterly important and this minimal wedding album cover page design surely looks awesome. With the name of the couple along with the date of the function and the little white hearts is making us love it even more!

20. Layout for your much loved pre-wedding pictures!

You admire your pre-wedding shoot, right? So why not have some of the best clicks from that pre-wedding shoot of yours in your wedding album too? 

21. Three in a row!

Three of your favourite pictures in a row, sounds good right? This is a good way to compile your best pictures and don't forget to leave some white space on the sides for some added aesthetics!

22. Groom and his accessories!

Groom ready shots are as important as the bride ready shot after all groom should also get a chance to flaunt their accessories and outfits. So have detailed pictures of the groom getting ready too in your wedding day book!

Source Zohaib Ali

23. Layout for your fun-filled mehndi pictures!

One function which is all about the fun and dance is definitely your Mehendi and what deserves the most attention is your mehndi laden hands. So while the mehndi is in the centre, surround it with the fun-loving pictures of the guests and the crazy moments from the day!

24. Four pictures together!

Had a pre-wedding shoot in four different outfits? Take one picture from each and set them up together with some white space in between so that you can have a look at all of them in one go!

25. One with the bridesmaids!

Your bridesmaid definitely deserves to be an important part of your wedding album, after all, they did so much on your wedding. Select the best and crazy pictures with your bridesmaids and put them up in this most popular wedding album design.

26. And here comes the bride and groom!

The bride and groom entries are the highlights of a wedding and your wedding album is sure incomplete without these highlights. The most amazing bridal and groom entry shots deserve all the attention so curate a collage for these fun and memorable captures.

27. Wedding album design for the decor!

Your wedding decor deserves some appreciation too and you should always remember how your wedding venue looked like. So why not make a collage of all the quirky and trendy wedding decor elements and put it up in your wedding album!

Source Zohaib Ali

28. The white border!

Bordered by white spaces on all sides, put up some amazing pictures with your girlies. The white space on the sides is one of the most trendy wedding album designs.

29. Show some love!

A wedding is all about the couple and couple shots and surely you must have some rocking shots with your beau. This beautiful wedding album design lets you flaunt your love for your better half!

Source Zohaib Ali

30. A rustic wooden box design!

This oh-so-unique and rustic wooden album box is just the perfect way to store the photos from your special day. It looks aesthetically pleasing and is an offbeat wedding album design for you to cherish your special day!

31. An Elegant Rose Gold Wedding Album

This wedding album has left us speechless. The colour rose gold generated a lot of buzz on the internet because of how stunning it looked. Rose gold is a timeless colour that will never go out of style. This is such a beautiful and royal colour. With the colour stealing the show, the couple made the wise decision to keep the front cover of the wedding album simple.

32. A Chocolaty Wedding Album

It's hard to resist a chocolate-coloured hardboard. A combination of two extremely different colours that work so beautifully together. You don't have to go for anything extravagant because basic things always give off the greatest feeling.

Source elinedesign


Which album design fascinated you the most? Tell us in the comments!

30 Wedding Album Designs to Hoard your 'Shaadi ki Yaadein'

by Shreya Gupta

30 Wedding Album Designs to Hoard your 'Shaadi ki Yaadein'