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Imagine if you could have access to a thousand wedding vendors with just a push of a button. Now take that a step further and imagine having a personal wedding planning assistant to back you up. Well, that’s exactly what we have in store for you. Introducing- WedAssist!

At WeddingBazaar, we’re constantly striving to make your planning experience easy and worthwhile. And with our latest feature, WedAssist, your dream wedding planning becomes smoother.

From helping you zero down on your wedding location and picking a photographer to coordinate with your vendors, WedAssist is the exact wedding planning service that every bride, groom or parent needs to plan the perfect wedding. Honestly, who doesn’t love a little help when they’re planning a wedding?

Scroll down and read all about WedAssist in further detail.

All About WedAssist by WeddingBazaar

What is WedAssist?

WedAssist is a personalised wedding planning service designed for the modern-day couple. It is a new step in our endeavour to ensure that couples and their parents can plan their weddings more conveniently and without any hassles and that their wedding planning experience becomes quicker and breezier. 

In this service, you are assigned an expert wedding planner (also known as a wedding assistant) who will work closely with you to plan your wedding from start to finish. Your wedding assistant will stay in touch with you regularly through the phone and other digital mediums ensuring that they work closely with you throughout the planning process.

What Services Does WedAssist Provide?

WedAssist gives you access to a wedding assistant who helps you plan your wedding from the beginning till the end. Through this service, you get access to the following services as well:

  • Date, location, event, and guest count planning

  • Budget planning

  • Creating and maintaining a task list for easy planning and coordination

  • Helping you find trusted venues & other vendors keeping in mind the date availability within your budget and location

  • Sharing wedding-related ideas & inspirations based on your taste and style

  • Coordinating with vendors for requirements, discussions, and contracts via phone and online

  • Value-add services: Guest management, Bar services and Consultation with experts like stylists and designers

How Does WedAssist Work?

Once you subscribe to the WedAssist service, your assigned wedding expert will assist you closely until the very end of the planning process. And these are all the ways in which WedAssist works to help you:

Knowing you and your dream wedding

The first step of establishing a relationship between you and your wedding assistant starts with getting to know you. We learn details about you, the kind of wedding you want, your wedding budget, the location of your wedding, the number of expected guests etc. Furthermore, we learn about your aesthetic and style preferences. We utilise various tools and years of experience to not only help you decide the kind of wedding you’d want but if needed, the wedding expert will take your direction and research and present you with suggestions and options for you to consider. 

Checklist and task management

Once we have a good idea of your ideal location, events, guest count, budget and theme (if any), we then move on to create a list of tasks with an agreed-upon timeline. This is also the time we take to understand additional specific requirements and prioritize bigger categories like venue, catering, decor etc. 

Hassle-free Vendor Hiring

In the last ten years, our platforms, &, have been used by over 50K couples to hire vendors for their weddings. Through us, you have access to 1.7 Lac vendors across India in 18+ categories. Your wedding assistant will take into consideration your preferences and match multiple trusted vendors to your requirements. You are free to coordinate with various vendors and hire the one you like. Or if you’re looking for more options, you can give us feedback and we’ll share more options with you! Furthermore, if required your wedding assistant will help you coordinate with vendors and work out things like quotations, and schedule meetings and contracts.

Inspiration, advice and suggestions

From choosing the colour of the lehenga to finalising the theme of your wedding decor, wedding planning involves a lot of decision-making. All of these decisions play a major role in creating your dream wedding. With our wedding expert, you will never run out of ideas and will always have support to discover new ideas and inspiration. 


Apart from assisting you regularly, your wedding assistant will aid you in any and every wedding planning-related task to ensure your planning process is smooth sailing. 

Why Should You Choose WedAsisst?

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. It is not only the celebration of the union of two partners but also a bundle of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Every couple and their parents spend a lot of money and put immense care into bringing their ideal wedding to life. But planning a wedding is a complex affair that involves a myriad of decisions, tons of research and further coordination with wedding vendors until the very last moment. Given how busy every couple is with work and everyday life, wedding planning is impossible to be done all by themselves. 

Thus, we recommend WedAssist. As a personalised wedding planning service that helps make the planning process easier, WedAssist ensures you have access to all the latest ideas & trends and vendor options without spending a lot of valuable time searching, researching, and comparing. It also aids you through an experienced wedding expert to help you make informed decisions, stay within your budget and create a better wedding experience altogether.

Overall, it ensures that you have the time and mental space to do the most important thing, enjoy your wedding journey.

Pricing & Packages

If you choose to opt for the WedAssist service, here are some packages and other pricings that may interest you:

3 Months of WedAssist

Price: INR 9,999 for 3 Months

With a 7-day money-back guarantee.

6 Months of WedAssist

Price: INR 16,999 for 6 Months

With a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Introductory Offers

3 Months Plan- INR 6,999 

6 Months Plan- INR 11,999

With a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Final Words 

There’s this and so much more that you can do with our new WedAssist service. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re about to start planning your wedding soon, then WedAssist is the service you need! For more information contact us now at


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Introducing WedAssist- Our New Wedding Planning Service Exclusively For You!

by Shivani Singh

Introducing WedAssist- Our New Wedding Planning Service Exclusively For You!