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A wedding requires months and months of planning. While everything might be planned to the T, sometimes common disasters may arise on the wedding day. From wardrobe malfunctions to inclement weather, wedding-day disasters can strike any moment.

But fear not! We’ve come up with the ultimate solutions to solve common wedding-day disasters. Scroll below to find out how you can overcome any problem.

Ultimate Ways to Handle Common Wedding-Day Disasters

Wardrobe Malfunctions

It is common to face wardrobe malfunctions on the big day, considering everyone is hyped up and panicking. Pack a wedding-day emergency kit filled with essentials such as safety pins, fashion tape, stain remover, and a sewing kit to mitigate the risk of mishap. Remember to keep extras of all of these things to be on the safer side.

Vendor Cancellation/No Show

While this is a farfetched disaster, it will be good to be prepared if a vendor cancels at the last minute. We propose that you start by being calm and then getting in touch with backup contacts (yes, you should have a list ready). Also remember that your wedding guests are there to celebrate your love, not critique the minor details!

Family Drama

The most common wedding-day disaster, no bride or groom has control over the family drama crisis. However, it is best to set clear boundaries and if need be, not play a role in solving the drama. After all, you have a plethora of other things to worry about and manage.

Source Ombre by HJ

Forgetting Things

Another major issue can be forgetting things like a part of your bridal outfit or your bridal jewellery at home. The best is to form a checklist beforehand and cross-check it before leaving for the wedding venue. And, if even then you’ve forgotten something, have a close friend on standby who can simply rush and bring you your things.

Transportation Delay/No Show

Delayed transportation or no-show can disrupt your wedding timeline but rather than panicking, we recommend keeping your friends or extended family members on standby to help you reach on time. After all, nobody can say no to the bride and groom!

Health Emergency

Let’s hope that nobody has to ever face this emergency but if this problem arises, it is best to have a medical kit handy. Also, ask your wedding planner to have a list of nearby hospitals and clinics ready to be on the safer side.


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Here's How You Can Easily Solve Common Wedding-Day Disasters!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Here's How You Can Easily Solve Common Wedding-Day Disasters!