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Elephants have been a part of Indian weddings for quite some time now, but of late they are engulfing us completely in their charm. Symbolic of power and strength, elephants hold unparalleled auspiciousness in Indian culture. They are revered as deities and become a happily infused element in wedding decor because of their opulent appeal. Right from huge colorful floral installations at entrances, to small table centerpieces decorated with flowers, elephants can deck up your wedding decor in the most unique ways!

They are considered sacred and represent loyalty, wisdom, and longevity which are the qualities considered essential for the union of a bride and groom for life. Furthermore, the Lord of Elephants, Ganesha, is the harbinger of good fortune and thus, every Hindu wedding embarks with his worship. The presence of elephants is considered as the presence of Ganesha which makes them all the more sacred element to have at your wedding.

Being incorporated in various sizes and umpteen ways, presence of elephants in wedding decor makes the atmosphere more spiritual, serene and magnificent. Because we are completely ogling over these wedding decor elephants, we are sure that you would too. So we’ve listed some charming ideas to use elephants in your wedding decor with utmost perfection!  Have a look at these cutesy installations and take some inspo!

Unique ways to add the Auspiciousness of Elephants in your Wedding Decor!

1. Larger than life installations

These larger than life elephants are awe strucking and are perfect to add grandeur to your decor. They can either be floral, wooden, metallic or can even have some mirror work to perfectly complement your kinda wedding decor!

Source Pink Palki

Source Rani Pink

2. Easily Incorporable

These medium sized and easily incorporable floral and metallic elephants are perfect to deck up your venue entrance. They can also add a touch of royalty in your wedding decor.

3. Dainty Decor Details

These quirky and adorable table centerpieces add a perfect blend of auspiciousness and spirituality in the atmosphere and look stunning when rightly infused with the decor. The dainty details of these cutesy elephants have our heart!


What do you have to say about these elephant decor ideas? Share with us in the comments!

21 Super Stunning Ways to Add Elephants in Your Wedding Decor!

by Shreya Gupta

21 Super Stunning Ways to Add Elephants in Your Wedding Decor!