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Come to think of it, the rituals are the most beautiful part of a wedding. Of course, the looks, the food, the drinks and the dancing are fun but the ceremonies are the soul of a marriage. Alas, most wedding guests don't become active in the ceremony where the couple takes their vows. What if you make your guests feel involved enough so they are encouraged to be present at this extraordinary moment, though? 

The idea is to incorporate flower petal cones at your wedding that your guests can throw at you and your partner as you confess your love and lifetime commitment to each other. Flower petal cones make for a thoughtful and pretty addition to your wedding.

Scroll down to see how you can have some lovely flower petal cones at your wedding.

How to Add Confetti Cones to your Wedding

1. Red Rose Petals In Personalised Cones

2. Dried Yellow & Blue Flowers In Sweet Musical Notes

3. Or How About Using Fresh Flowers for your Musical Notes Confetti Cones?

4. Blue & White Petals In Plain White Cones

5. Pink & Orange Flowers In DIY Cones

Source One Fab Day

6. White Flower Petal Cones Clipped To A Grill

7. Fresh Flowers in Confetti Lace Cones

Source The Knot

8. A White Rose Cone On Each Chair

9. Multicolor Petals In Laced Paper Cones

Source Pinterest

10. Mixed Petals Laced Cones Hanging On Strings

11. Yellow & Pink Petals In Jute Cones

12. White Petal Cones In Boxes

Source Pinterest

13. Flower Petal Cones In A Basket 

Source Claire2

14. Flower Petal Cones In A Labelled Box

15. Flower Petal Cones Strung To The Chair

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

16. White Petals In Brown Paper Cones

17. White Flower Petal Cones With A Cute Message

18. Flower Petal Cones Arranged On Strings

19. Toss Some Love With These Cute Confetti Floral Cones 

20. White Flower Petal Cones Attached To The Chairs Using Ribbons

21. Flower Petals In Eco-Friendly Cones

22. White Rose Petals In Matching Cones

23. White Petal Cones In A Wooden Basket

24. Pink Flower Petals In Pink Customized Cones

25. White Flower Petal Cones Arranged In A Basket

26. Dried Rose Petals In Beige Cones

Source Pinterest

27. Red Rose Petals In Dried Leave Cones

29. Red Flower Petals In Colorful Petal Cones

30. Red Flower Petals In White Lacy Cones

31. Pink Flower Petal Cones In White Baskets

Source Pinterest

32. White Flower Petals In Green Leaf Cones On Each Chair

Source Pinterest

33. White & Pink Flowers In Musical Notes Cones

Source Pinterest

34. Pink Flower Petals In Golden Cones

Source Pinterest

35. Having A Pastel Wedding? These Baby Pink & White Petal Cones Are Perfect To Shower Blessings! 

36. Pretty Flowers In Cones For The Mr and Mrs! 


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The Most Unique & Fun Ways to Add Confetti Petal Cones To Your Wedding

by Pratiksha Pandey

The Most Unique & Fun Ways to Add Confetti Petal Cones To Your Wedding