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South India is lush with culture and traditions and so are the weddings there. Right from the rituals and outfits to the food and decor, everything stands out in the best way possible. Talking about South Indian wedding food, we love the Tamil wedding menu. Its presentations, its taste, everything deserves a chef's kiss!

So, let's go through all the yummy dishes that the Tamil wedding menu comprises!

Tamil Wedding Menu 

The Tamil wedding food is also known as Virundhu Sappadu which is made up of two words, Virundhu and Sappadu. Virundhu means a feast and Sappadu means complete, as in a full-course meal. So, Virundhu Sappadu is a full-course feast meal which is served on special occasions like a wedding. Virundhu Sappadu has a heartwarming presentation as it is served on a banana leaf. The banana leaf platter is called vaazhai illai in Tamil.

This eco-friendly and biodegradable way of plating imparts a lovely flavour and fragrance to the dishes. So, without further ado, let's go over all the delicacies that a South Indian wedding menu offers!

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1. Milagu Rasam

You must have been served some piping hot rasam first when you visited an authentic South Indian restaurant and that's for a reason. This spicy and tangy starter is a much-loved South Indian wedding menu essential. It is quite nutritious and comforting. 

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2. Vadai

Vadai or as we call it, Vada or Bada, is a deep-fried snack that has its roots in South India. These savoury fritters are served as starters with some Chutney and Sambhar. The best thing about Vadai is that it is light and crispy especially when it is hot.

3. Vazhakkai Bajji 

We all know the love that South Indians have for bananas. So, it is a given that the South Indian wedding menu is going to have some banana dishes. Vazhakkai Bajji are fritters that are made with unripe bananas. They are crispy and spicy and taste a little like banana chips. 

4. Thakkali Sadam

Where there is South Indian food, there has to be rice and Thakkali Sadam just ticks all the boxes when it comes to finger-licking good food. Thakkali Saically tomato rice is made with a lot of spices and love. It is enjoyed with some raita and papad on the side. 

5. Poriyal

Vegetables are celebrated in South Indian cuisines and Poriyal is a beautiful example of that. It is made of fried or sauteed vegetables. It is packed with nutrition as it is made using mostly greens and lentils. It is eaten with poori or with rice, just as the way a person eating the Poriyal likes it. 

6. Thayir Sadam

When you think of comfort food, curd rice often comes to mind and the next dish that is a very important part of the Tamil wedding menu is exactly that. Thayir Sadam is curd rice There are many different ways to serve and eat this stomach-cooling dish. People enjoy it with pickles, papads, pomegranates, etc. 

7. Sambhar

We all share our common love for Sambhar. From the north to the south and from the east to the west, everyone knows and enjoys a well-made Sambhar. It is a lentil stew made with vegetables and has a tangy flavour which derives from tamarind. A South Indian wedding platter is never complete without Sambhar. 

8. Aviyal

You know what happens when many different types of vegetables meet in a cooking pot? Absolute magic happens and it is known as Aviyal or Avial. It has coconut and it is also cooked in coconut oil which gives Aviyal the scrumptious taste that it has. 

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9. Poori

If North India and South India have one dish in common on their special occasion platter, it is Poori. This soft fried bread is not just food, it is an emotion. It is eaten with curry and you can never have enough of it. 

10. Kootu

South Indians love their vegetables and lentils and we respect them for that. Kootu is yet another delicacy that is a part of, lost if not all Tamil weddings. It is a stew made of lentils and vegetables. It also has coconut and curry leaves in it with some flavorful spices. 

11. Appalam

With all the savoury dishes that a Tamil wedding menu is rich in, it also needs a crispy snack on the side and that crispy snack is Appalam. It is a deep-friend yet light disc-shaped dish which is often made of rice or Urad Dal. It adds a lot of texture to the South India platter.

12. Thayir Pachadi

Curd is extensively used in the dishes that you find on South Indian spreads and we can see why. It is not only delicious but also extremely healthy and Thayir Pachadi does justice to both of these adjectives. It is made using yoghurt and coconut paste and some sliced or diced onions. 

13. Neer More 

South Indian wedding food not only focuses on taste but also on your gut health and so many of the dishes that you eat at South Indian weddings are packed with great digestive benefits. Take Neer More or buttermilk, for example. This yummy beverage not only goes easy on your taste buds but also on your stomach. 

14. Rava Kesari

Just in time for some delectable dessert, we have Rava Kesari. Also known as Kesari Bath, this heartwarming dessert uses semolina, saffron, sugar and nuts. Once you have had Rava Kesari, you will have found a new adoration towards South Indian cuisine. It is that good. 

15. Payasam

For the perfect ending to the epic South Indian wedding meal, there is some sweet Payasam for you. It is a pudding made of milk, rice, nuts, sugar, and cardamom. Usually served chilled, the Payasam is a beautiful dessert, just like its name. 


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Unfurling The Magic Of Delectable Tamil Wedding Food aka Virundhu Sappadu!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Unfurling The Magic Of Delectable Tamil Wedding Food aka Virundhu Sappadu!