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It seems like our weddings are incomplete without those desi aunties who have a say about everything that happens at weddings and basically stop at nothing. They are always having some or the other irrational expectation from the world and more so from all us brides-to-be.

From genuinely helping us throughout our pre-wedding phase with advice, to openly judging us for our mannerisms and etiquettes, aunties don’t shy away from anything and there’s nothing stopping them. Especially when it comes to the latter part—the etiquettes & manners.

It’s like amidst all that wedding planning, shopping and so many other things to do, with all that jittery and excitement taking a toll on us, we’re bombarded with silly behavioral boundaries that we are believed to adhere to (and obviously to which we give deaf ears!)

To make sure you don't let these generations-old expectations ruin the charm of your pre-wedding phase, here are some baseless jibber-jabbers you should break free from!

1. No more short clothes!

Step out of your house in that teeny-weeny dress of yours and there would surely be at least one aunty ogling at you and wondering how are your to-be-in-laws going to feel about it. Duh!

2. No going out too much and definitely not coming home late.

If you’re hanging out or partying too much and coming home late at night there would always be some or the other aunty silently judging you for your choices. Every time!

3. Hanging around with guys? Oh, stop right there!

It’s like all hell breaks loose if they see you hanging around with your male friends. It’s as if getting married steals away your right to befriend other men. (aargh!)

4. Taking better care of your hair and body.

Dear aunty, we know you’re concerned and want us to look as flawless as possible and trust us we do too. But, going down a bit on the nagging part every time we come across each other would really help!

5. Learn politeness.

Well, they don’t like you all loud and noisy and boy if they hear you abusing you can imagine the scorn on their faces, right? Ladies, you’re expected to be all smiles and mellow because “dulhan ho”(facepalm!)

6. Start eating right and “maintain your figure”

Seriously! We know we need to take care of how we look. In fact, having clean meals and a properly balanced diet is always necessary but aunties, please stop making us feel bad about our bodies by constantly asking us to lose weight before our d-day!

7. Finally, learn some tasteful cooking.

Yeah, yeah we get it we should know how to cook good food but, we are on it and we will learn that art one day but you poking and judging us for this is not good! Just not!

8. Learn to take proper care of the house.

From cleaning and doing laundry to learning other homely chores and trades, it’s like all of a sudden we’re expected to become a pro at handling the household so that we don’t end up disappointing our mothers-in-law! (rolling eyes)

9. Start going to temples.

Expecting us to learn all the aartis and bhajans by heart and learning how to do different kinds of pujas is too OTT aunty. It’s not like we don’t pray or visit the temple but stop putting it like it’s a shame if we can’t do all that puja.

10. Prepping us up for future days of fasting.

Well, please leave that up to us and our will, if you may? We will fast as and when we want to so all that criticizing of yours is only going to make us loathe you more!

11. Listen to their first-night stories.

Okay, here's the most awkward deed they expect out of us—Listen to what happened on their 'suhagraat'. Sure, they have their nostalgia, but who wants those details?

12. Plan a family right after your wedding

Undeniably the most common expectation or rather a torturous debate aunties have with every bride-to-be who's already jittery with the new bride feeling. Spare the horror aunty!

Nonetheless, Indian aunties sure know how to keep themselves engaged throughout the wedding revelries. : P


Are there any other "aunty expectations" that you think we missed out on? Let us know!

Unrealistic & Crazy Expectations every Indian Aunty has from Brides-to-be!

by Divya Arora

Unrealistic & Crazy Expectations every Indian Aunty has from Brides-to-be!