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Bridesmaids are truly the unsung heroes of the wedding planning process. From the moment the date is fixed until the vidaai, this fierce squad of girlies is with the bride through it all and how! While one tries to keep her sane by listening to her unfettered wedding talk, the other one takes charge of getting her bookings & wedding shopping right. And another makes sure she is getting her share of booze on her D-day to stay up late for the pheras.

But have you ever thought what kind of bridesmaid will you make? Will you be the most chilled out bridesmaid or the most cranky one? Will you be the real diva or the typical drunkard? Well, you must know which one you'll probably be, down here we've enlisted different types of bridesmaids that we have all spotted at least once. Read through and know which one goes best with your personality!

Types of Bridesmaids Every Bride Squad has

1. The Bride's Right Hand

This one is the soul sister of the bride, who meets all the major bridesmaid duties without a miss! From taking care of her bestie bride's hunger pangs throughout the wedding revelries to helping her pee to make sure her makeup and outfits are always on point, she does it all.

2. The People's Pleaser

With her ever-so-sweet personality and caring nature, this bridesmaid manages to win over everyone's hearts. Whether it is the elder ones or the tiny tots, everyone adores her as she gels with all of them equally well and knows how to keep them entertained.

3. The Drunkard

While all the other bridesmaids will be prepping up for their sangeet performances, this one will be busy boozing, smoking and yucking it up with the bride's brothers. You'll witness her sneakily getting the bride tipsy on her wedding day and even turning the bartender for the guests (especially her girls!)

4. The Fashionista

After the bride, if there's one girl who grabs the most eyeballs (and rishtas :P) at the wedding is this bridesmaid who dresses up to impress! With her ultra-mod outfit choices, complementing makeup and that curvaceous body, she literally makes all the unmarried guys in the house skip a heartbeat.

5. The Cry Baby

Every girl gang has this one girl who just won't stop crying over pettiest of issues (like the functions starting late or the DJ wala not playing her fav songs). She often pisses everyone off with her constant complaining & cribbing, yet she is the most pampered & loved one in the girl gang. 

6. The Firehouse 

Here comes the 'party starter' whose battery is forever charged up! Especially when on the dance floor, she is unstoppable. You'll see her shaking a leg with anyone and everyone on some crazy dance numbers and leaving everyone impressed with them latka-jhatkas.

7. The Ultimate Planner

This one is the self-appointed wedding planner. Whether it is negotiating with the decorator or keeping in sync with the mehndi wala, she takes charge of all the bookings & arrangements and makes sure every little and big thing is taken care of.

8. The Gossipmonger

How can we miss this one? She is the badass lady who keeps a track of all the latest gossips-right from who hooked up with whom to who wore the tackiest of clothes at the wedding. She digs deep and catches even the minutest of details and information that often go unnoticed by others.

9. The Unofficial Photographer

She is the unofficial photographer of the bride who is constantly keeping on her phone and recording all the special moments of her wedding shenanigans. No matter it's the pheras, the ek chutki sindoor moment or the vidaai, she'll thoroughly capture some beautiful candids and plandids from all the wedding rituals, making it easier for the bride to bombard her social media friends with all the latest updates.

10. The one who's only there for the food

While everyone else will be occupied dressing up and primming their hair, this one will unsurprisingly be seen filling her belly with food in some corner of the room. Because food is her first love and where else will she get to relish such varied & delectable food options under one roof?

11. The Groom's fav

Amongst all the bridesmaids, there's always one that is the most loved by her Jiju. She bonds pretty well with him and is always on her toes for his aid. Whether it is about helping him know her BFF better or planning a surprise party for her, she'll possibly do it all she can.  

12. The Self-obsessed One

Well, as the name suggests, this chick is too much into herself and is forever oozing with confidence. Throughout the wedding celebrations, you'll see her discussing herself and claiming how good she is at handling stuff or how flawless she looks. After the bride and the groom, if there's one person who keeps the photographer occupied, it's no one but her.


Tag your girl gang and help them know what type of bridesmaid they'll all make!

The Fashionista or the Drunkard, What Type of a Bridesmaid Are You?

by Anupriya Khanna

The Fashionista or the Drunkard, What Type of a Bridesmaid Are You?