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No bride is complete without her perfect trousseau, the wonderfully romantic –sounding collection of paraphernalia that she collected for her wedding.

In India, wedding trousseau displays a traditional and mystic move that beautify the new journey and life of a bride which comes up with paradisiac accessories, amazing apparel which syncs with her personality perfectly.

Bridal trousseau ideally is a personal possession that a woman collects when she’s about to get married, usually including clothes accessories, bed linens, lingerie, makeup etc. All the relatives and friends usually want to see the trousseau so nowadays it has become more intrinsic to add an exotic touch to trousseau by packing it in a pleasing way. Today this very old concept has become more urbane, not only is it exciting to look at but also gives the feeling of being a super special gift to the bride herself. According to the theme and colour scheme of wedding nowadays the trousseau is done in a very classy manner.One can choose blend of indo-western style ,platters of trousseau packing in different sizes,colours and patterns adorned with flowers,broaches and other pretty things.It has deeply traditional roots, both sentimental and prudent ones, not only fun to look at but gives you a feeling of it being a superlative gift to yourself. If gifts of bride or groom are presented in a striking way, it surely makes a difference.

Some useful tips to help in packing a trousseau in vogue

  1. Instead of packing the trousseau in a suitcase, you can choose magnificently carved wooden chest or pretty mosaic box.
  2. It would be great if you include a sachet of a scent you like in your packings to keep it fresh.
  3. If there is a themed wedding and a color palette that runs through all the events of wedding, it would be advisable to take the same in your trousseau.
  4. Cash boxes and envelopes could be used according to the theme.
  5. A beautiful option is to use of decorated thaals and trays especially for smaller items decorated with colorful clothes, lace, ribbons, velvets, jewel embellishments etc.
  6. You can crown your packages with amusing touches that show off your interests and personality like paintings, favorite pressed flowers and leaves, and feathers.

While packing trousseau, radhakrishna theme, Victorian, vintage or Tajmahal themes now-a-days are very popular and creative.

So, the idea is to make the gifts memorable. A not-so-expensive item, which packed aesthetically enhances its value and gives those receiving it a feeling of great honor and pleasure. As we know trousseau is an age-old tradition, but one thing that has definitely changed over the years is the style of packing these gifts.

No matter what would be the budget, a classy and well packed trousseau spruces up its radiance and makes it out and out.

A special thanks to my aunt Sujata Haritwal who is a beautiful writer, for her contribution.

Trousseau Packing Diary: All a girl needs before the Big Day

by ShaadiSaga

Trousseau Packing Diary: All a girl needs before the Big Day