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If you're reading this, chances are, that you're engaged or your man has proposed to you, and you can't wait to shout it out to the world. Or better yet, you can't wait to flaunt that rock over your Instagram telling the world of your happiness in the most eye-pleasing of ways i.e., with a super dreamy post. And well, why not?!

But, before you jump right into posting a photo of that ring of yours we suggest you contain your excitement just for a bit longer and go through this blog first. Well, an announcement such as this is undoubtedly worth a post that speaks volumes and touches people's souls. And this blog tells you exactly how you can nail your engagement ring photo that makes up for an eyeball-grabbing post.

So take down notes, plan that perfect post and get ready for loads of hearts, lovely comments and heartiest wishes that are on your way!

Tips for Taking That Ultimate Engagement Ring Photo for Instagram

1. Decide: A selfie or not?

First things first ladies, decide what kind of photo would you like. Be it a selfie, just a photo of your hands or a normal picture clicked by someone else. Know what you want!

2. Choose your pose!

Once you're done deciding what exactly would you want for your pose, the next step is to figure the pose that's best. You've got to flaunt that rock the right way after all, right? Have a few options ready, get clicked and then choose the best one.

3. Have well-groomed hands & nails

Ladies, you'd be flaunting your ring on social media and you obviously wouldn't want chipped nail paint or untidy nails to be flaunted along with. So go get a manicure sesh or simply have your nails filed in shape and done in beautiful colour to make the picture look super dreamy.

4. Lighting matters!

This one is a no brainer. Good lighting always makes a picture umpteen times better than the one clicked under proper lighting. So make sure the lights, while you take the picture, are amazing. For that matter, natural lighting works the best.

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5. Having a drool-worthy background is unmissable

Have you thought of the background you're going to be posing against? Would it be a rustic or a beautiful wall? Would it be something more scenic like lush greens, flower fields or the sea? Or if it's just the photo of your hand then maybe an imaginative flat lay? Envision how would you want your picture to feel like and then choose the background accordingly.

Source Memoirz

6. Use props

One of the most convenient ways to pose for the picture is to include a prop into it. Coffee mug, wine glass, eating a doughnut or a cupcake would make up for some really adorable props for that perfect engagement ring photo.

7. Bring in your man!

You can also pose along with your man or the cliche holding hands pictures with him to shout out to the world about your love for him.

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8. Choose an adorable caption

Your caption speaks volumes and it is a must that put an adorable caption along with your post.

9. Get online for help

To begin with, take help from online sites for some inspiration on such photos and captions. This will flood you with ideas and make the entire pose and caption choosing process easier.

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Ready to ace your #Engaged social media post?

9 Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring

by Divya Arora

9 Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring