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The tag of being a bride-to-be comes along with its own share of jitters and anxiety. Be it about how everything is going to work out, about the fact that you're finally getting married or if you're someone who hates being the centre of attention and panics even at the thought of that. We know how all that nervousness and stress leaves you unable to rejoice to your fullest and enjoy the best time of your lives. And trust us, you're not the only one!

Because we know there are so many of you out there, we couldn't stop ourselves from curating this blog to aid all you lovelies with some tips that'll help you calm your nerves amidst all the wedding jazz. These tips are surely gonna help you loosen up and be at your merry best. Check them out! 

Super Easy & Calming Tips for Anxious Brides-to-be

1. Know that it's okay!

To begin with, ladies, know that it is absolutely okay for you to get all nervous and stressed about your big day. Know that it happens to everybody—brides, grooms, their families, everybody. Know that if you're an introvert or don't like being the centre of attention it is equally acceptable to be a little worried over this. But, stressing about getting stressed on your day won't work out. Take a deep breath and relax. It's oh-so-normal and happens with so many us.

2. Don't take all the wedding planning responsibility on yourself? Allocate wisely!

It's important to have every little detail of your wedding planned ahead! Right from your looks and decor to the ceremonies and their sequence have it all clear and delegate the responsibilities to your people and vendors. And now that you have done that, relax and trust them on that. You gave them those tasks and duties because you trusted them in the first place, right? You don't need to take the entire load of it all on your head.

3. Visualize your wedding.

This is a great trick to have your nerves all calmed up during your wedding. Start visualizing every little detail about your wedding in your head and do it as many times. Be it you walking down the aisle, exchanging jaimalas or taking pheras with your bae, or even the poses you're going to get clicked in, envision it all in your head like a movie. That way when the big day comes, it would seem as if you've lived the day already and it isn't something entirely new for you. 

4. Have a playlist.

A playlist of your favourite songs would be the best way to keep you in a happy and relaxed mood. Make a playlist of songs that make you happy or brings you peace or you just love and have them playing while you're getting ready. It will keep your mood pepped up and obviously make you feel better.

5. Keep your favourite people around.

Do you people who keep you all sane and you're most comfortable around? If yes, then have them around you at all times. If being around them makes you feel less stressed and more relaxed then ask them to be right beside you throughout to keep you all cheery and joyous.

6. Build good rapport with your vendors.

Building a good rapport with your wedding vendors is essential. That'll not only make it easier for you to discuss your wedding with them but, even they'd be able to give their best in putting your dream wedding together. And especially your photographer. Believe us, even after being an introvert and camera conscious, getting clicked would get a lot easier.

7. Focus on your man.

Brideys, instead of constantly worrying about your guests, how you're going to look or how is everything going to work out, focus on your man and on a beautiful day. Your people are there to worry about the rest. Amidst all the stress and nervousness don't forget to enjoy these priceless moments while they last. Look into his eyes, talk and laugh and make the most of your day together.

8. Do you know it's not only about you?

Of course, brides are in a way all the charm of a wedding but the same fact does get a bit scary for the introvert and anxious brides out there. But what you must realize that it is as much of a day for your groom and your families as much it is for you ladies. Accepting this will not only take off that extra uneasiness of your heart but also let you rejoice more than worrying.

9. What if something goes off?

And if you're wondering about those last minute "what ifs?" then understand that your vendors or someone from your family would take care of it. All you got to do at that moment is to relax and not worry too much about it all. You need to learn to ignore slight issues too.


Do you have any other tips to share and add to this list? Drop them in the comments below!

9 Useful & Calming Tips Every Anxious or Introvert Brides-to-be Must Read

by Divya Arora

9 Useful & Calming Tips Every Anxious or Introvert Brides-to-be Must Read