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Dear to-be brides, it’s time to comprehend a scary concept: There is no such thing as a flawless wedding day. There, we said it. What you envisioned as your perfect fairytale wedding could, at any point, turn into a nightmare, but it’s all in how you react to the problem that makes or breaks your big day!

Haven’t we all been to weddings where the groom was terribly late with the bride waiting endlessly in her decked up avatar or a drunken uncle creating a ruckus on the dance floor, or the best of all, where your best friend’s idea of a great speech was listing all your ex-boyfriends? Well, a few goof-ups are far more disastrous than the others, and there is no easy way to feel that, but a few tips could help when the worst-case-scenarios begin invading your headspace!

The problem: Your wedding lehenga fits you rigidly on the D-day

The time you fixed your wedding date, you knew you were going to hit the gym rigorously and look like a svelte bride on your big day. But, months of hectic planning and you ate more emotionally than just out of hunger! Result: A lehenga that refuses to clinch at the waist!

The solution: It’s never too late for emergency alterations! Contact the seamstress of the hotel/resort you’re getting married at and get the measurements fixed.  Also, if you haven't invested in a good pair of Spanx, it might be the perfect time to do so!

You might not look like the bride you imagined when you got the dress, but the groom’s surely in love with that soul and not merely the outfit!

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The problem: Your best friend is late for everything

So, you’ve always coped well when it came your best friend’s excuses; be it being stuck in a fight with the parents, car breaking down out of no apparent reason, her nail breaking or losing her keys (only in the purse!)- you’ve just known her to be this person since always.

However, this time instead of waiting just at a coffee shop, you’re actually waiting at your make-up table, for the flowers she was supposed to get for your hair! While everyone seems to be in high spirits, yours’ seem to be dampened even before anything has begun. You expect your best friend to know how important her involvement is!

The solution: Hand over the official invitation to her with a side note that you would want her with you much before the guests, and mention an earlier arrival time by an hour. If she shows up when you ask her to, tell her you wanted her to be there to help with the jitters, or the last minute works that no one in the family would have time for. After all, you can’t hold a grudge against your own best friend. You always knew what you were signing up for!

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The problem: The decor is wrong

You walk into the hall and see that the entire linen sprawled is of the wrong color. You asked for a blush pink but it was a loud magenta instead! All the dreams of keeping the entire family in pastels to compliment the decor don’t seem to be working anymore. I mean, you must have told the coordinator that you wanted soft pink tablecloths like a million times!

The solution: First, tell someone from the decor team, and odds are they'll do their best to accommodate you. If there's really nothing that can be done, remember that nobody knows what’s supposed to be there but you! Your wedding won’t fail because of this tiny gripe. Your guests will take in all in as the big picture and see it as a happy celebration!

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The problem: Uninvited guests (The plus-ones, mostly!)

It could be your friend’s girlfriend (who you’ve never met) or five members of some family where you expected just two- guests unaccounted for is one of the most common mishaps at the weddings! This is so common that you almost have to expect it.

The solution: Give a slightly higher number than the expected guests to the wedding coordinator. Also, have extra place settings in hand that can be added to an existing table or even an additional table that can be added or removed easily; for the guests to be accommodated. 

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The problem: Your DJ plays annoying music

You hired a DJ trusting the sensibilities of the wedding coordinator. You thought to yourself- he’s a DJ, how hard can it be to play music? Unfortunately, your DJ is playing weird remixes of English songs in a party waiting to get into the Punjabi groove, after a few pegs. Your guests just can't get into the mood, and the dance floor is completely empty.

At other times, the DJ is rude to guests who request songs, or they don’t stop talking and act like game show hosts.

The solution: Hand over a list of must-play songs if you notice the guests scattered around the dance floor. Don’t, at any point, insult the DJ as that might make things worse but have a family member put in simple requests in the middle like “The bride really loves this song, could you possibly play it after the current track?” (Don’t forget to smile)

To make things cheery, pull some people up on the floor with you and shake a leg with them. Nobody can turn down a dance with the bride!

Before you let any of this get to your head, think about how you’ll feel about it a year or five years from now. You’ll find that it suddenly feels less crucial. All is well, we say!

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Things That Might Go Wrong At Your Wedding: How To Solve Them Without Losing Your Mind?

by Tanya Puri

Things That Might Go Wrong At Your Wedding: How To Solve Them Without Losing Your Mind?