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Temple jewellery or nakshi jewellery is one of the most intricate types of jewellery to have ever existed. It is all about the fine details that are rare to witness in any other type of jewellery no matter how expensive it is. Temple jewellery has its roots in South India and is inspired by the architecture of Hindu temples and the idols of Gods & Goddesses.

South Indian brides have been wearing temple jewellery for as long as we can remember and they continue to honour this excellent form of craftsmanship to date.

So, today, WeddingBazaar presents to you some of the freshest pieces of the evergreen opulence that temple jewellery is. Scroll down below to get mesmerized by temple jewellery necklaces and some gorgeous South Indian brides wearing them!

Temple Jewellery Necklaces For South Indian Brides

1. This bride's beautiful gold temple jewellery necklace looks heavenly with her red Kanjivaram!

2. Look at the warm glow that this shy bride's gold temple jewellery necklace is adding to her face!

3. We cannot take our eyes off this happy bride's gold temple jewellery necklace!

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4. This pretty bride's gold temple jewellery necklace has an unmatched grandeur to it!

5. To say that this gold temple jewellery necklace is a masterpiece would be an understatement!

6. This gold temple jewellery necklace is just so breathtakingly beautiful!

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7. We are swooning over this bride's heavy and beautifully layered gold temple jewellery necklace!

8. This cute bride's gold temple jewellery necklace is pure perfection!

9. Let this radiant bride show you how to wear your gold temple jewellery necklace!

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10. If you want to wear a heavily layered gold temple jewellery necklace on your big day, take inspiration from this gorgeous bride!

11. This cheerful bride's minimalistic gold temple jewellery necklace has simply won us over!

12. We are in awe of this lovely bride's intricate gold temple jewellery necklace!

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13. The look and feel of this gold temple jewellery necklace are just elite!

14. Take inspo from this picture for a unique and alluring gold temple jewellery necklace!

15. We cannot get over how detail-oriented this gold temple jewellery necklace is!

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16. This elegant gold temple jewellery necklace has both traditional and modern vibes to it and we love it for that!

17. This graceful bride is wearing one of the most beautiful gold temple jewellery necklaces we have ever seen!


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Exquisite Temple Jewellery Necklaces: The Epitome of South Indian Bridal Elegance

by Pratiksha Pandey

Exquisite Temple Jewellery Necklaces: The Epitome of South Indian Bridal Elegance