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Even though the scope of experimentation in bridal makeup is not too extensive, 2018 was the year that saw new-age and trendy makeup looks soaring high making up for some eye boggling bridal makeup trends. Ditching the ever-so-usual bold bridal makeup, brides were spotted wearing nude, dewy and shimmery makeup in new ways. To our surprise, the 'no make look' was too a fad amongst the brides of 2018.

These makeup looks were apparently a rage and brides didn't shy away from donning them, no wonder they all left us appalled. Looking gorgeous while not compromising with the quintessence of bridal makeup, brides went all out in their sprightly effervescence raising the glamour quotient. Being your avant-couriers of trends we've handpicked the best bridal makeup trends of 2018 and compiled this blog for you to take cues for yourself. So without prolonging it further let's get straight into it!

Glamorous & Dazzling Makeup Trends That Ruled in 2018

Nude or No-Makeup Look

2018 saw a huge rise in Brides choosing a nude and no-makeup look not just fot their pre and post wedding ceremonies but, wedding day as well. With light or no eye makeup and pale lips this makeup look is the best go to for the minimalist bride.

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Source Shahid Naar


Dewy & Flushed Makeup Look

For the brides who don't like it all dull and subtle and don't want to go OTT as well, a dewy and flushed makeup look is the best bet! This makeup look was a hit in 2018 cuz we spotted a lot of brides wearing this oh-so-pretty naturally flushed and highlighted look.

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Light Shimmery Eyes With Pale or Pink Lips

With shimmery gold eyes, prominent liner, flushed cheeks and pale pink lips, this makeup look was a favorite amongst brides for its gorgeousness and scintillating charm. Adding just a dash of shimmer to the entire look, this makeup is all apt for some serious princessy vibes and made up for one of the best bridal makeup trends of 2018.

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Bold Shimmer & Glitter Eyes With Subtle Lips

For all the brides who don't mind a little extra, the all glitter eyes is just perfect. Eyes dazzling in hues of reds, greens, blues and lavenders paired with subtle lips, were favored by so many brides and we can't help crushing over this trend.

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Subtle Eyes With Bold Lips

The basic dark smokey eyes with pale lips have been a trend for like since forever and is an unmissable go-to. But, 2018 saw brides experimenting with this look and instead opting for lighter eyes and pretty pink and red lips. Have a look!

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Brown Lips

2018 also saw a lot of brides taking the usual nude lips to next level and opting for brown lips. Pairing it mostly with dark smokey eyes or light shimmery eyes, a brown lip color popped up into trend and how!

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Which makeup trend are you a fan of? Let us know!

From Dewy to Shimmer: All Glam Bridal Makeup Trends that Ruled in 2018

by Divya Arora

From Dewy to Shimmer: All Glam Bridal Makeup Trends that Ruled in 2018