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The essence of the color red in Indian weddings stems from our traditions to an extent of being considered an auspicious color, especially for a bride. Not just that we're sure majority of you women love slipping into "red outfits for weddings". Such is the undeniable vivacity and charming glam of red which makes it a highly loved color for outfits.

But with the meaning & importance the color red holds for a bride's look, we know it gets a little tricky for you women to decide if you should wear red to weddings or not. Even if the bride herself isn't wearing red on her d-day! Moreso, if it's your bestie or sister's wedding we know how most of you would have resisted yourselves from not choosing red outfits. Of course, as bridesmaids, outshining the bride herself is a big no-no but, wearing red at her wedding is not cuz you can still wear your favorite red without overshadowing your bridey BFF!

Even with a plethora of outfit options for all you bridesmaids and a wide array of lehenga colors to choose from, if you are head over heels for red outfits then let's get rollin' right into this blog. We've curated this blog to hint at the best red outfit ideas for bridesmaids without making them look like the bride herself. With these ways, you'd be able to choose or style red in just the right way for your sister or BFF's wedding without stealing her limelight! A win-win situation, isn't it?

16 Ways of Styling Red Outfits for your Sister or BFF's Wedding Ceremonies

1. Simplistic lehengas with minimal work

One of the best ways to wear a red lehenga to your BFF or sister's wedding is by opting for elegant & minimal lehengas. You clearly shouldn't be choosing red lehengas with super heavy work. This is undoubtedly one of the best red outfit ideas for bridesmaids.

2. Just a red dupatta

Another great way to infuse red into your outfits is by wearing a red dupatta with your lehenga choli. Try pairing your red dupatta with a lighter hued lehenga for a subtle yet glam look. With this, styling red outfits as a bridesmaid get as easier as styling red being a bride.

3. Gorgeously lighter sarees

Wearing red sarees is one of the best ways to don red at your darling's wedding. Simplistic sarees with a chic blouse, sarees draped in unique ways or sarees with minimal accents and work should be your go-to.

4. Traditional outfits with a twist

Another latest & trendiest red outfit idea for bridesmaids is by wearing those traditional lehengas, sarees, jumpsuits and other outfits with a whiff of modernism. By giving a contemporary edge to your outfits with fringes or ruffles, mixing modern shirts with skirts or opting for extended silhouettes will make up for an Indo-western look that's just perf!

Source Ridhi Mehra

Source Ridhi Mehra

5. Capes in different hues for a red outfit

To be able to wear red outfits and yet not look all out there, subtle down the vivacity of a bright red with a cape in a lighter matching hue. Be it heavily embellished or a simple one, a cape can certainly make all the difference.

6. Red capes for a different color outfit

Add a pop of red to your outfit with a red cape and put your best stylish foot forward. A red cape over a top & skirt pair, a gown or palazzo pants would undoubtedly amp up "bridesmaid look" without you outshining your dear bridey.

7. A pretty red and pink sharara set

An all red kurta teamed up with pastel pink sharara pants and dupatta makes up for the latest red outfit idea for bridesmaids. Not to forget how shararas & gararas are a rage and a great option for bridesmaids to experiment with,

Source AVDI

8. Style 'em red suits

Just like sarees suits are another amazing option for bridesmaids to have in the sizzling hue of red. Suits with light embroideries, different colored dupattas or even the strappy ones would clearly keep them on a palette different from that of the brides.

Source AVDI

9. All red cape outfits for the perfect Indo-western look

All red cape ensembles are a great way to ace the Indo-western and an all red look at the same time. Suit your self and style them accordingly as per your likes but, just don't go too OTT with the kind of work you choose. All jazzed up outfit is a no!

10. Let a different hued blouse do the talking

Break the monotony of your all red outfit by choosing a different hued blouse and make a statement while not taking your sissy's entire limelight! Edgy and upbeat blouse styles are a hit and a part of your ensemble you can easily experiment with.

11. The classic Benarasi charm

Benarasi outfits for a bride are absolutely a must-have! But that doesn't mean that being a bridesmaid you can't slip into one for your sissy's wedding. Benarasi is for everybody. Period. A minimal benarasi lehenga, sharara, suit or saree is something that you wear to her wedding without second-guessing.

12. Ditch the dupattas for an all red lehenga

A great way to wear a red lehenga and while not desiring the bridey feels is by ditching the dupatta. The prowess of this style tip shouldn't be questioned cuz' skipping out on your dupatta unavoidably turns around your lehenga into an Indo-western crop top & skirt ensemble. 

Source Ridhi Mehra

13. Wear that red lehenga uniquely for a casual touch

Wearing a not so heavy red lehenga in a unique style can make you look different from a bride. Having your dupattas belted with a casual belt is one of the few such options that make up for the trendiest red outfit idea for bridesmaids.

14. Light & minimal gowns and floor-length dresses

Gowns or floor-length ruffled or tiered dresses with minimal or slight embellishments are also a fab way to wear red on your bff's wedding!

15. Know how to don an all red & pink lehenga

There's no rule that states you can't wear a heavy red lehenga, of course you can. But, what essentially comes with that is how smartly you style it. Keeping your hair simple, your makeup and jewellery minimal and wearing your outfit in a unique way are some of the ways that'll make that heavy red lehenga of yours a great bridesmaid outfit idea.

16. Slip into deeper tones of red

Ditching the classic red hue and instead opting for deeper tones of red like burgandy, marsala, oxblood red etc., is another way preferred by bridesmaids to wear red.

Source Style Cell

Source Mishru

Source AVDI


How are you planning to style red for your sister or bestie's wedding?

11 Ideas to Wear Red Outfits As Bridesmaids & Not Look like the Bride

by Divya Arora

11 Ideas to Wear Red Outfits As Bridesmaids & Not Look like the Bride