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Wedding night pranks can be a great way to start a new life and can be a story to remember your entire life and also share with your kids (Of course, once they grow up). Here at Shaadisaga, we had a rendezvous with some brides about the pranks they got played on by their friends and cousins and how they felt about it. 

Time for you to have a good laugh!

1. A Night Amidst Viagra Pills

Kritika says, "On the night of the wedding, my friends came in half an hour before we arrived at our house and placed plenty of viagra pills on both the side tables. I was so ashamed of  my friends to have done that prank."

2. "Made Me Sleep With Parents On First Night"

Kalika tells, "There was no such rasam of sleeping with parents on the first night but my husband's cousin made me believed that this is true. Even, my husband was a part of this prank *Sucha player*. The worst part was, that I came to know about the prank after a week of our marriage. It was quite embarrassing but funny."

3. Posters Of Babies Pinned On The Walls

Samridhi shared, "I will never forget my first night after marriage, our room was full of posters of newborn and small babies. It took me half an hour to remove every poster, after that we were tired and finally slept. It was the most horrible yet funny thing that his friends did."

4. A Stinky Ride After Vidaai

Richa says, “They kept rotten bananas and stinky socks in a car which was dropping us from the venue to the hotel. It was only after we reached home they told us about the prank. It was such a stinky and eww ride."

5. Hid The Keys of Our Room

Bhawna reveals, "As soon as I and my husband were done with our after wedding rituals, we got really tired and just wanted to crash. We unhandled the room just to find out it was locked. All of my husband's cousins had hidden the keys of our room and made us find the keys in the entire house. I was so annoyed out of exhaustion."

6. Alarm Clocks Everywhere

Neha confesses, "We got played on the age-old prank of hiding alarm clocks everywhere in the room—inside the almirahs, bathroom, under the bed, inside the drawers and one was kept on top of the air conditioner, how insane! It took us almost 15 mins to even find that alarm clock. We lost all the mood we were in and finally slept."

Which one did you find the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments!

Real Bride Reveal: First Night Pranks They Got Played On!

by Sanchita Sehgal

Real Bride Reveal: First Night Pranks They Got Played On!