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Finally, you're getting married at an awesome destination with a breathtaking view. Yes, as exciting as it may sound, the initial excitement slowly gives way to the panic of realising how much needs to be done to make that destination wedding fall in place. Right from, picking a wedding venue, planning the events, who all should be invited, there are a plethora of to-dos. Planning a destination wedding is not a cakewalk, a lot of pain and hard work goes behind it but the best part is tons of laughter, sleepless nights, endless booze and fun of all your precious people with you on your big day. But, before the option of having a destination wedding pops up in your head, you need to know some pros & cons of a destination wedding:


A destination wedding is a cheaper one!

There are truckloads of resorts and venues that offer complete wedding packages in and outside India, including the rooms, food, decorations, and planning, all for a great price! It is generally friendly to the pocket to have an all-inclusive destination wedding than it is to have a comparable wedding in your town, especially if you are planning to call a bigger gathering. These exclusive packages also take a huge burden off your shoulders, giving you a license to truly enjoy the planning and the wedding instead of spending useless on unwanted guests & unnecessary arrangements.

Fewer Guests = Less Drama!

This is both a pro and a con, but more on the pro side. The best part of a destination wedding is no obligated guests, no durrr ki bua or either chachi. The ambience of a destination wedding is more light and fun. It creates a wedding that is more intimate and yes less of fuss, really upping the close-knitted vibe. Fewer guests leads to less money spent and automatically you can spend more on your honeymoon.

You can focus on yourself as a couple!

One of the saddest things about your wedding day is that it’s over within a fraction of hours! When you opt for a destination wedding, all the wedding rituals are stretched over a two or three day period and plus staying with your loved ones 24 hours. Destination wedding gives you a pleasure to spend valuable time with your better half that is usually done planning your wedding in your hometown.

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No splurging on extra decorations

As we know, the best part of a destination wedding is cost cutting in each and everything so how can we forget the most vital thing after food that is decorations. As, the couple has already chosen the place because of the backdrop or a view, so no need of humongous decorations. The backdrop will surely speak louder.


Cannot attend replies

Not all of your guests that you are inviting for your destination wedding will be able to come. In most of the cases, you’ll receive more “we will not be able to come” responses after invitations are sent out than. For some people taking too many off from their workplace is a hard nut to crack, and you will be convincing some unhappy friends and family who might want to witness your vows but find it impossible to fly to Hua Hin for a weekend.

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Planning little things could be challenging

The planning process might prove more laborious and demanding. You have to do most of your coordinating from a place so far,  which can make the important decisions more challenging. Selecting a venue is always a risk, especially if you’re without a wedding planner who has experience in organizing destination weddings or you have taken a decision just by going on a vacation. And yeah how can we forget the problem of direct communication you’ll experience. If someone is doing not the way you wanted, you won’t find out until your last-minute tasting and at that time there will be no room for change.

You don’t know much about your chosen country or hotel

As we know, looks are deceptive.Sometimes, the couple chooses a destination after they go on holiday and decide to get married there and at that time you have zero knowledge will they be able to manage 200 people... So there is a slight possibility of not getting what you want. In my sense, this is a most disadvantageous thing about a destination wedding.

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Pros & Cons Of Having A Destination Wedding

by Sanchita Sehgal

Pros & Cons Of Having A Destination Wedding