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Your wedding photographs are the most precious keepsakes from your wedding that you cherish eternally. And while every photographer can click great pictures for your wedding, there are only a few who can actually turn those soulful moments into an everlasting memory. Which is why for a day as special as your wedding, an occasion that only comes once in a lifetime, you ought to have a photographer that has an eye for capturing even the most trivial moments like a dream.

However, keeping in mind, how finding an apt photographer is no less than a cakewalk, we’ve got you some useful list of questions you must ask your photographer before making your final decision. Drive through this guide and make the most of it!

10 Questions you should 'Ask Yourself' before looking out for Wedding Photographers:

  1. Do I want a professional photographer who has years of experience or an amateur one with equally good photography skills?
  2. Do I Need separate photographers for the groom & bride’s side or a common photographer for both?
  3. What type of photography am I looking for? Candid photography or traditional photography?
  4. What is my estimated guest list? 
  5. How much money am I ready to spend on photography? 
  6. For how many ceremonies do I want to book the photographer?
  7. What kind of lighting would be the best for me? Natural lighting or Artificial lighting?
  8. Do I want a cinematic video or just the photographs?
  9. What all moments do I want the photographer to capture widely? Couple portraits, candid shots in between the rituals, fun & happy family shots or a mix of all.
  10. What do I expect from the photographer in terms of deliverables? Digital files, printables in the form of a wedding album or both?

Common Questions to 'Ask a Wedding Photographer' before you Finalise one

  1. Are you available on our dates?
    Checking if the photographer is available on your wedding date or not is imperative so you can block them before anyone else does or simply move to the next one without wasting time, in case they are already booked.
  2. Do you have any other bookings on the same dates?
  3. Which city are you based out of?
  4. How much do you charge per day?
  5. What all packages do you have to offer? And what are the deliverables included in it?
  6. How will you give us photos & videos?

Well, that was one brief guide on things you must keep in mind before finalizing your photographer. However, if you are still confused and can’t decide how to get the best photographer for yourself, that’s when Shaadisaga comes to your rescue! With as many as 4000+ ace photographers listed on our esteemed platform, from around the metro cities, ShaadiSaga is just the perfect aid for your wedding. Not just that! We have also got a complete guide on everything you need to know about hiring a wedding photographer. So, head straight to our page, get your dose of inspiration & book your wedding photographer with us.

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Not So Common Things to Discuss before Finalizing your Wedding Photographer

by Anupriya Khanna

Not So Common Things to Discuss before Finalizing your Wedding Photographer