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Once the wedding revelries are finally over, every couple seeks to unwind themselves with a honeymoon and set on to the journey of eternal love. But before you plan and finalise your honeymoon itinerary, it is important for you to know that it can be a big blooper to visit an exotic location at the wrong time of the year. It is the worst kind of nightmare no couple would want to face in reality. Well, being your ultimate saviours for everything weddings, we bring to you the list of best honeymoon destinations according to months so that nothing can stop you from having the honeymoon of your dreams.   

List of Honeymoon Destinations according to Months


1. Thailand

Hailed as the Vegas of East, Thailand is not only one of the most budget-friendly honeymoon destinations for Indians but also a complete package of what a newlywed couple desires on their romantic getaway. Sizzling beaches, picturesque landscapes, luxury resorts to a notorious nightlife - Thailand has it all. In January, this otherwise bustling tourist destination is quaint after the New Year’s Celebrations and hence it is a great time to plan your honeymoon.

Estimated budget: INR 80,000 and above for 6 days 5 nights 


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2. Switzerland

Source Gonilee

For a snowy-cold honeymoon in January, Switzerland is where you should head to. Often referred to as the most romantic destinations on Earth, Switzerland fulfills your dream of an intimate honeymoon amid snow-covered hills, vivid valleys, exciting waterfalls, luxuriant stay, ski resorts and what not! 

Estimated budget: INR 2.2 lacs for a week



1. Sri Lanka

Source Instagram

Don’t underestimate the charm of neighboring countries! Sri Lanka is one perfect destination to embark on the journey of togetherness. Right from hills, secluded beaches, adventure to cultural extravaganza and landscape beauty - Sri Lanka offers a myriad of experiences. Visiting this heavenly abode in February further escalates your honeymoon experience as it falls right between two rainy seasons and experiences a warm temperature and low rainfall. 

Estimated budget: INR 90,000 and above for 6 days and 5 nights


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2. New Zealand

Enchanting waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, sun-soaked beaches, hot water snowfalls, and shining glaciers - New Zealand is just the best destinations in February for a once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Estimated budget:  2.5 lacs and above 7 days and 6 nights



1. Bahamas

A host of around 700 plus islands, honeymoon in the Bahamas promises tranquil atmosphere, an overdose of scenic beauty, shimmering beaches, turquoise waters, pink-sand beaches, oodles of romance, swanky resorts and isolation for your love to bloom. In March, the weather is oh-so-ideal for relaxing sunbathing sessions by the beaches and also for lounging in pools.

Estimated budget: INR 55,000 per couple for a day 


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2. Iceland

Source Chraville

The land of fire and ice, Iceland is a not a renowned destination for honeymooners but is actually one paradise for lovebirds and has a bundle of unmissable experiences. It is also one of the most insane honeymoon destinations for thrill-maniacs. Right from the world’s only volcano tour to glacier hiking, black-sand beaches, turquoise water lagoons, monumental luxury, romantic geothermal spas and solitude - these attractions certainly make Iceland an exotic location for a honeymoon in March.



1. Bali

Bali is yet another budget-friendly destination and perfect for a beachy and relaxing honeymoon. This magnificent island boasts of WOW views, vivid mountains, white-sand beaches, vibrant green farms and calm waters. The super romantic vibe of this Island will raise your love quotient and make your honeymoon an unforgettable one. Dolphin sighting, Tranquil strolls by the beach, Luxuriant cruise rides, snorkelling are a few activities you can do with your partner while experiencing the flawless beauty of nature.

Estimated budget: INR 85,000 per couple for a week 


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2. Vienna

Everything about this European city speaks Romance. Called as one of the most melodic cities, Vienna is a great honeymoon spot for couples who love art. Vienna boasts of rich history, soft and cosy environs, modern museums and creative infrastructure. Being the birth city of music aficionados Beethoven and Mozart, you can drench in the world of music with concerts happening in every corner of the city and groove with your partner. April is a pleasant time to visit Vienna.

Estimated budget: INR 15,000 per couple for a day (excluding airfare)



1. Hawaii

Source Pinterest

Drench into the world of romance in Hawaii amid vivid waterfalls, luxuriant resorts, picturesque mountains, stunning beaches and lush greenery of thick tropical rainforest cover. But ensure to layer your skin with enough amount of sunscreen lotion. Deep sea diving, romantic sunset cruise, relax on the beachside - there are ample options of romantic indulgences.

Estimated budget: INR 60,000 and above for 2 days

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2. Mauritius

If you are thinking of a honeymoon in Mauritius, you can imagine white sand beaches, coral islands, water sports, deep sea fishing, stunning shacks, fancy bars and helluva scenic beauty. In May, the temperature swings between 20 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius and hence is the best time to visit Mauritius.  

Estimated budget: INR 1.7 to 2 lacs for 6 nights and 7 days



1. French Polynesia

Source Eric Rubens

French Polynesia hosts a string of stunning islands and is undeniably a paradise for honeymooners. The charm of the crystal clear waters, towering volcanic peaks, powder-soft sandy beaches and a wide variety of watersports is why it is a honeymoon destination for newly married. Island hopping further makes it more interesting.

Estimated budget: INR 3 lacs and above for a week


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2. Mykonos

Source Greece Is

This not-so-popular Greece city is an unconventional destination for honeymoon. It is a treasure trove of romance-filled atmos, happening nightlife, sun-kissed beaches, insta-perfect sunsets and picturesque streets. Smitten by the vibe of this city, Kaabia Grewal (Founder of OUTHOUSE JEWELLERY) threw a high-on-style bachelorette in Mykonos with her entire gang clad in customized Shivan & Narresh's Swimwear & Resort Wear Collection.

Estimated budget: INR 15000 per day for a couple (excluding airfare)



1. Paris

Let’s just agree, it is almost every couple’s dream to kiss under the so-damn-romantic Eiffel Tower. It the sheer romantic setting of this city that the most dreamy proposals and honeymoons are planned here. In August, this heaven of romance experiences long hours of sun and provides you with enough time to explore the city. The Louvre, Temple of Love, Luxembourg Golden Garden, Disneyland, Wall of I Love You’s and of course, the Eiffel Tower are must-visit places in Paris with your partner.

Estimated budget: INR 30,000 per day for a couple (excluding airfare)

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2. Santorini

Source Jack Martin

This Greecian city is famous as the honeymooners’ city. Isolated beaches, glorious sunsets, the rustic yet modish villages, the famous Red Beach, the pristine white Oia village, unlimited water fun are just a few reasons you should plan your honeymoon in Santorini. August also witnesses off-season in this city, so prices are comparatively cheaper.

Estimated budget: INR 2 lacs and above for 7 nights and 8 days



1. Kenya

Usually known for its stupendous wildlife and exotic safaris, Kenya also boasts of stunning white sand beaches that make it a perfect honeymoon destination. It is an offbeat and less explored honeymoon destinations that witnesses pleasant weather and a temperature swinging around 20 degrees Celsius in September. Hence, it is a great September honeymoon destination.

Estimated budget: INR 2 lacs to 2.5 lacs for a week

2. Spain

During your honeymoon in Spain, you can go skiing, stay in Bohemian style architecture, take romantic strolls on sparkling beaches, drive vintage cars and relish romantic dining sessions in the remote mountains.

Estimated budget: INR 1.8 lacs to 2.3 lacs for 8 days and 7 nights



1. Maldives

Source Instagram

A honeymoon in the Maldives ensures lazy luxury and is perfect to unwind yourself after hectic wedding shenanigans. Be ready to be spoiled with your significant other in the luxury resorts and water villas - and feel like a royalty. On arrival visa without any fees further makes it a great destination for honeymoon.

Estimated budget: INR 1.5 lacs for 3 nights and 4 days

2. Cairo

The capital city, located on the banks of river Nile is a great honeymoon destination for October. It is one of the most romantic cities in Egypt and offers Pyramid complexes, ancient museums, premium dinner cruises, felucca rides across the Nile and a lot more.

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Estimated budget: Around INR 1.5 lacs for 7 days and 6 nights



1. Seychelles

Source Instagram

Head for surreal natural beauty, ultra-exotic stays and pristine white-sand beaches and a honeymoon of your dreams in Seychelles in November. Seychelles has many beautiful islands with individual distinctive charms of their own.

Estimated budget: INR 1,50,00 per couple for a week

2. Hong Kong

Tram rides to Victoria Peak, camping, Disneyland tour, sailing ‘Junk boats’, cable car ride to Lantau Island are just a few things you can do with your partner during your honeymoon in Hong Kong. In November, this Asian honeymoon destination greets the couples with a combo of nature’s beauty and an oh-so-perfect weather.  

Estimated budget: INR 1.9 lacs and above for 3 nights and 4 days



1. Dubai

Source Pinterest

Dubai attracts a humongous number of honeymooners every year in December. December is one of those few months when the temperature is not soaring high in Dubai. Widespread deserts, sun-shining beaches, shopping haven, luxury cruises, and class apart infrastructure - Dubai is aptly one of the best honeymoon destinations. Not just honeymoon, couples are also having breathtaking pre-wedding shoots in Dubai - this place’s charm is endless.

Estimated budget: INR 1.2 lacs for 4 nights and 5 days

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2. Japan

Source Pinterest

December is the time with Japan turns into a vast and unimaginably beautiful canopy of cherry blossoms. For a picture-perfect honeymoon that’s filled with satiating culinary experiences, scenic landscapes, opulent palaces, lazy sundowners by the beach and also holy shrines - Japan is the place you gotta visit. Just don’t forget to pack the body and hair care essentials to your honeymoon.

Estimated budget: INR 3 lacs for 4 days and 3 nights


Which is your dream honeymoon destination? Tell us in the comments below!

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations according to Months + Estimated Budget

by Medha Chawla

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations according to Months + Estimated Budget