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Bridal makeup isn't one of the highest wedding-related search keywords on Google for nothing—it is one of the most important things you need to tick mark before your wedding celebrations begin. While most brides plan to hire a professional makeup artist for their wedding day, doing your makeup during the pre-wedding celebration is something many prefer. 

If you're a bride who is planning to do her makeup during pre-wedding functions like mehndi, haldi or sangeet, then you need to ensure you bring your A-game forward. Many brides prepare a good makeup kit for themselves during the wedding, and pre-wedding functions can be a great way of putting these makeup products to use. However, DIYing your makeup can be tricky. That's why you need to know a few hacks before you get to slaying with a good makeup routine. 

So, instead of telling you to dive into the depths of hacks present on the net, we've compiled a list of makeup hacks that will definitely help you keep things simple, easy and absolutely stunning!

Makeup Hacks To Ace Your Makeup Look

1. Loose Powder & A Triangle Makeup Puff For Oily Skin

When you're a person prone to oiliness seeping out through your makeup, you need to refresh your makeup more than once. Similarly, setting your undereye makeup and T-zone is very important for oily skin and combination skin people. So, to deal with that shine, get yourself some loose powder (or compact powder) and a triangle makeup puff. This makeup puff has become a holy grail makeup tool that helps press the powder into the skin and airbrush away any unwanted shine that may peek through!

Triangle Powder Puff

Source Amazon

MRP: Rs 199 | BUY HERE 

2. Blotting Papers Are Always Handy

Blotting paper, called bibulous paper, is a highly absorbent type of paper or other material. If you're someone who has super oily skin and no matter how much matte makeup you use, then blotting paper is your best friend. Blotting paper can help absorb excess sebum without the need to add any extra makeup on top.  

Dromen & Co Green Tea Blotting Paper

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 999 | BUY HERE

Shiseido Oil-Control Blotting Paper

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 1200 | BUY HERE

3. Use A Good Moisturiser To Prep

Every professional Makeup Artist will say what we're about to repeat: A good moisturiser as your base will make your makeup go a thousand miles. A good moisturiser after your cleansing and toning that suits your skin will not only soften your skin but also brighten and help create a smooth base for your concealer and foundation. The chances of your makeup splitting or getting dry patches are reduced significantly as well!

Re'equil Ceramide & Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 395 | BUY HERE

Plum Green Tea Oil Free Moisturiser

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 423 | BUY HERE

4. Run Out Of Eyeliner? Kajal Is Your Answer!

Well, we know how people feel about their eyeliner. They run out of this essential makeup item often, and only tend to realise that it's empty when they need it the most. However, when you unexpectedly run out of eyeliner, your next best solution is a kajal. Kajal can be used like gel eyeliner over the eyes to create dark, matte and mesmerising looks. Similarly, kajal can be used as a great base product for smokey eye looks or a smoked-out waterline!

M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 24hr Kajal Eye Liner

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 675 | BUY HERE

Lakme Kajal - Black

Source Nykaa


5. When In Doubt, Keep Your Eyemakeup Simple

Source Tanya Kaur

Listen, we know how much you'd want to try out something funky or vibrant for your pre-wedding functions. And that's completely fine if you're an accomplished (or practised) makeup doer. However, if you're not that well versed in makeup and you're doing your own pre-wedding makeup, then it's best to keep it simple. Your eye makeup can make or break your look- a little less can be close to nothing or a little too much and you'll end up with panda eyes. So, in such cases, it's best to play it safe. But if you still want to go a bit crazy, then just add some coloured eyeliner to your waterline! Here are some looks you can try:

6. Always Choose A Longstay Lipstick

Pre-wedding functions can go on for hours, with little or no time to refresh your makeup. And no matter how much you love a particular shade, if it's not long-stay, forget it. Now, you can try whichever hack you want to mattify a lipstick and make it last longer, but nothing will beat a good long-stay lipstick that doesn't require refreshing. You're probably wondering which lipstick can last that long without budging. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are some of our favourites:

Maybelline New York Super Stay Liquid Lipstick

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 650 | BUY HERE

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Xxl Matte Liquid Lipstick

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 899 | BUY HERE

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 1300 | BUY HERE

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 2200 | BUY HERE

Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 265 | BUY HERE

7. Use Your Concealer To Lift

Makeup today is ever-changing. One minute everyone's talking about how alluring smokey eyes are and the next, everyone's gushing over the pastel look. From powders under foundations to colour correcting, there are so many techniques out there that can totally help you slay your makeup look. However, one recent makeup trend that's been buzzing us is the use of concealer to lift your face along with covering dark circles. If applied in a certain way, concealer can lift and highlight your face all in the right way, giving you a snatched look. Check out a tutorial below:

8. Choose A Bronzer Over Contour

When you're doing a quick makeup routine for a small pre-wedding function, you may need to cut out a few steps that we generally do in a full-blown makeup routine. One of those steps can be contouring. Generally, we use a contour product while applying concealer, to chisel out the cheekbones and chin. However, if you're aiming for a simpler routine, with less product and a more natural look, then you can skip this. Bronzers are great to add dimension to the face and neck and can give a healthy, sunkissed look. So, directly work with a matte bronzer without going through the trouble of adding an extra layer of contour cream. Here are some great bronzers that can replace your contour product:

M.A.C Bronzing Powder - Matte Bronze

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 2950 | BUY HERE

SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 399 | BUY HERE

Nykaa Contour & Conquer

Source Nykaa

​​​​​​​MRP: Rs 699 | BUY HERE

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

Source Nykaa

​​​​​​​MRP: Rs 2600 | BUY HERE

9. Add Liquid Highlighter To Your Foundation For Extra Glow

Yes, matte foundations are long-lasting. But sometimes, it feels great to have a dewy face that makes your skin look healthy and radiant. One way of doing that is by mixing a liquid highlighter into your foundation or tinted moisturiser. This will add subtle luminance to your overall look. Just a tiny amount of highlighter should do the trick and once you're done with your base, adding a little extra highlighter will definitely give you a better glow. For your no-makeup makeup days, an easy highlighter hack is to mix the liquid highlighter with your primer to blur the pores while adding a glow to your complexion. If certain parts of your face look too dewy, use a setting powder and apply it to strategic areas and leave the other parts glowy!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Source Nykaa

​​​​​​​MRP: Rs 4000 | BUY HERE

Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter - Gold Mine

Source Nykaa

​​​​​​​MRP: Rs 594 | BUY HERE

10. Learn The 10 Second Winged Liner

God, we've all been the victim of terrible winged eyeliner. We've all messed it up before, and even if we're pros at it, we are bound to mess it up again. That's why you need to be patient with your eyeliner and also learn a few tricks, like the 10-second wing! If you practice this winged liner look, you're bound to be perfect at it by the time you're getting ready for your pre-wedding functions. Check out these tutorials below to learn how to slay a winged eyeliner with ease: 

11. Sunscreen Under The Makeup Is A Lifesaver

Source SunScoop

We all know the rule of thumb when it comes to sunscreen: Wear it all day, every day. That being said, the topic of wearing sunscreen under makeup is not so cut and dry. It brings up a lot of questions, but one thing is for sure just because you're wearing makeup doesn't mean you should skimp out on the sunscreen. And don't even think of relying on your makeup for protection against the sun just because the product says it has SPF. Just make sure it's a sunscreen that suits your skin type and gives you good cover. After your CTM, apply sunscreen and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it absorbs, go ahead with your makeup.

Kama Ayurveda Natural Sun Protection SPF - 21/PA++

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 1525 | BUY HERE

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 675 | BUY HERE

12. Cream Blushes For A More Natural Flush

Okay, we know that this debate about the formulation of the blush is old and probably full of variables. Many oily skin people prefer powder blush while dry skin people like cream or liquid blushes. However, the cream & liquid blushes that are available in the market today work well for all skin types! Cream blushes are rich and velvety with hydrating texture. They offer a dewy makeup look that looks natural and radiant. They are also great at preventing dry patches. Here are some cream and liquid blushes we love:

Kay Beauty Creme Blush

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 799 | BUY HERE

Love Earth Multipot Lip And Cheek Tint

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 599 | BUY HERE

PAC Studio Cream Blusher

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 495 | BUY HERE

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 3550 | BUY HERE


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Top 12 Makeup Hacks To Help Slay Your Pre-Wedding Makeup Game Like A Pro!

by Shivani Singh

Top 12 Makeup Hacks To Help Slay Your Pre-Wedding Makeup Game Like A Pro!