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There is something about ‘Ghar Ki Shaadi’ that almost instantly brightens up our mood and transports us on a journey of love, togetherness, food, lots of bhangra and of course, shopping. Well, Indian weddings have that kind of effect on us. Right?

It is a chance for all the family members to get together to celebrate the coming together of two souls and what’s not to like? One week of staying in an Indian wedding at home means being a part of the happiest vacation of your life. From haldi functions to dhol nights, the celebrations at every Indian wedding leave you feeling happy and satisfied. And when you have Manyavar for all your wedding celebrations, you know that #ShaadiGrandHogi.

#ShaadiGrandHogi: Make Moments Memorable With Manyavar

Even though things have changed in the ‘new normal’, the spirit of an Indian Shaadi must remain the same! And this video by Manyavar captures that emotion perfectly. When the father of the groom comes to tie his son’s pagadi, the brothers join in too, and that togetherness is what a wedding truly means. Manyavar has truly nailed the #ShaadiGrandHogi sentiment and now we cannot wait to go experience a 2020 wedding as intimate as this one. 

So when one of my friends was due to get married in March he had to postpone his wedding with a heavy heart and we didn’t let him feel that way for long. So what if the wedding cannot host 1000 guests, or cannot have a live music band flown in from another country? The true meaning of an Indian wedding is in its traditions that are brought to life by family and friends, and Manyavar understands that emotion perfectly. The feeling of choosing your wedding sherwani with family in tow is a mini celebration in itself. Right?

Well, it is not the size of the baraat but your mother’s eyes gleaming with pride that makes it so special. It is not the number of people but looking at your proud father dancing with joy. It’s not about having over a hundred people around but playing super cute jaimala games with your wife that makes a wedding grand. Just like this adorable video!

When my friend who had ‘big plans’ decided to express his feelings over the scale of the wedding, I felt that there’s nothing that can break the spirit of Indian weddings. No matter how much things have changed, Indian weddings will always be grand. Manyavar believes that #ShaadiGrandHogi no matter what happens. So, let’s not get our spirits down this Shaadi season because no matter what the situation is, #ShaadiGrandHogi


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#ShaadiGrandHogi: Make Moments Memorable With Manyavar

by Chandni Kumar

#ShaadiGrandHogi: Make Moments Memorable With Manyavar