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Are you too hitting the gym almost two times a day & trying hard to cut down on those extra inches to flaunt that flat tummy on your big day? Well, we feel you! The struggle is definitely real. Being a bride is no easy task. Apart from handling every little-big wedding preparations & ticking off all the wedding checklists, you also gotta make sure you look your stylish best on your big day (and fit too!). However, if you’re dreading that there’s still enough time left in getting that dream 'bod and the wedding day is almost there, we’ve got you some easy & smart hacks to look slimmer on your wedding day. Swear by them and ace your bridal look like a diva!

P.S. Once you're done noting them down, don't forget to binge onto those scrumptious brownies you had been resisting for long!

Best Tips to Look Slimmer on your Wedding Day

1. Pick a darker colour for the blouse

The most foolproof trick to take off a few kilos from your body is by wearing darker colours on your wedding day. Especially if you’re top-heavy, a dark coloured blouse will not only give definition to your curves but also make you look thinner and crisp. So, if you’re planning to wear a tomato red lehenga on your wedding, pair it up with a slightly darker coloured blouse in maroon or marsala or say something in baby pink, complement it with a fuschia pink or a neon pink blouse. This way you’ll be able to ace a slimmer look on your wedding.

2. Opt for solid colours over Prints

Solid colours enhance your figure like nothing else does. While prints are super alluring and have been raging for all the right reasons, they fail to give your body the needed definition and shape. Their scattery appearance completely rids you from accentuating your high points. So, go for solid colours instead. They make you look slimmer & taller at the same time.

3. Pick flowy and breezy fabrics

When shopping for your bridal lehenga, do take the fabric of your lehenga into consideration as it makes a hell lot of difference to your bridal look. If you want to look thinner, swear by light & flowy fabrics like crepes, chiffon & georgettes. They are your ultimate picks because they easily cover up all the problem areas & make you look slimmer. Brocades, raw silks & organza, on the other hand, are a big no-no as they are stiffer and make you appear broad.

4. Get the right kind of jewels

Yes, your jewellery too plays a major role in making you look slimmer on your wedding day. So, don’t skip choosing your bridal jewels without keeping your face shape and the neckline of your blouse in mind. In case you’re heavier on the face, avoid elaborate matha pattis & the ones that have huge & round tikkas. Instead, pick designs featuring angular patterns. Also, ditch necklaces that stick to your neck and go for rani haars, Ladas or chain-like necklaces.

5. Stick to one colour family

Opting for contrasting colours for your bridal lehenga is completely okay. But if you don’t want to add all that extra weight to your look, make sure you choose your colours according to the colour wheel. In case you’re planning to contrast, be smart and adhere to one colour family. Also, make it a point that you know your body shape & skin colour first and then step ahead to experiment with your lehenga colours. 

6. Go for simple necklines

Much like the colour of your blouse, the neckline you choose for your blouse can also do a lot about making you look slimmer. So, be wise when choosing your neckline. Ditch heavily embellished & collared necklines! They make you appear broader than you are in real. Instead opt for simple and basic necklines like a round neck, a Basic V-neck or an understated sweetheart.

7. Be particular about the embroidery & work you choose

Don’t get too overwhelmed while choosing the embroidery & embellishments for your bridal lehenga. Just because you only get to marry once doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go overboard with the detailing. Elaborate embroideries & too many embellishments are least likely to make you look slim. So, refrain from picking them and rather choose delicate embroideries & embellishments.

8. Show minimal skin

Can’t decide how to look slimmer on your wedding day without compromising with the look of your outfit? Play with your blouse design in a manner that it covers up your problem areas. Say, if you’re not confident in baring your midriff, get some sheer fabric or a skin-coloured net added to that area to minimize skin show and be your confident best.

9. Heels for the win!

Yet another smart tip to look slimmer in your bridal lehenga is slipping into those stunning high-heels! Heels not only create an illusion of making you appear taller but slimmer as well. However, since it’s going to be a day full of endless rituals & unending action, make sure you get yourself a pair that is comfortable & easy to walk in, say a pair of block heels or wedges.

10. Choose suitable hairdo & makeup

Lastly, to top it all off, get yourself a makeup & hairdo that gives a slimming effect to your face. For the makeup, keep it all basic with some good contouring & beaming highlighter to give your face a sharp look. Similarly, for your bridal hair, opt for a hairdo that is simple yet elegant, like an open hairdo with soft waves to give it some bounce or a loose updo. Also, refrain from donning poker straight hair or flat hairdos in case you’ve got a round face. They make you look chubbier.


What is your go-to trick to appear slimmer in ethnic wear? Share with us in the comments!

10 Unfailing Tricks to Look Slimmer on your Wedding Day

by Anupriya Khanna

10 Unfailing Tricks to Look Slimmer on your Wedding Day