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ShaadiSaga Wedding Bar Service Extends to Mumbai!


Mumbai, the city that doesn’t sleep! The hectic city life of the financial capital of the country hasn’t stopped the Mumbaikars from partying hard. Celebrations in Mumbai are huge and weddings in the city are no different. The happening party culture of Mumbai has taken over weddings in the city. Today, a wedding in Mumbai ain’t complete without a peppy bar for your guests to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Before we go further and tell you about the bar packages for weddings in Mumbai city, let us discuss what exactly is meant by a bar service for weddings.

What is Bar Services For Weddings?

Source ShaadiSaga

Gone are the days when a bar at a wedding was just a corner where the drinks were served. Today, an elaborate bar is specially set up by experts at weddings adding to the charm of a wedding. This bar set up includes a unique theme-based bar decor, professional bartenders and a personalised menu as per your taste. Most of the time, bar services are not a part of the catering packages as opposed to what people usually assume. While the idea of an exclusive bar service at your wedding sounds exciting and creating a bar set up for real, however, can be quite a stressful task.

Don’t worry, brides because ShaadiSaga has done the hard work for you. Fulfilling its promise of assisting you in all your wedding planning needs, ShaadiSaga has come up with an exclusive bar catering for weddings in Mumbai. Our bar services package includes the most popular facilities like theme-based bar decor, menu designing, professional bartenders and an expert who assists you to procure the license, etc. We let you choose your favourite package as the lowest possible prices and even customise your package as per your needs. Hire Bar Services via ShaadiSaga to make your wedding an unforgettable memory for all your guests.

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Customised Bar for Wedding

Decor by Noor, Delhi

We know that you have dreamt about your wedding all your life and that’s why we are here to ensure that you get exactly what you want and help us doing so are the ShaadiSaga experts who very carefully plan and design the bar for your wedding as the way you want. In addition, our customised bar services include customising the bar for your wedding by adding a personalised touch to it.

Check out how we craft bars for the wedding of our customer:

Vibrant Personalised Bar

This one is our favourite! The couple’s name engraved on the bar in block letters makes this a unique one. The vibrant colours surrounding the bar adds to the happy mood of the wedding. So, how about choosing a vibrant personalised bar for a daytime event and replacing the vibrant colours with some bright lights for the night event? Sounds fancy!

The Floral Wedding Bar

Lush green enveloping the bar at your wedding is, without a doubt, a beautiful sight. What makes the sight even more pleasant for the eye is the embellishment of flowers, which looks drop-dead gorgeous. So, if you love floral and bars, pick a beautiful floral bar for your cocktail party or even for a sangeet function.

Load the Truck-Style Wedding Bar

The trending unconventional wedding bars are a thing at the present day. This one designed by our experts is a truck loaded with your favourite drinks that are perfect for your Mehndi Ceremony. Most couples opt for these to add a quirky touch to their cocktail party and we recommend you to just hop up on the truck for some fun with your friends & family!

Signages Wedding Bar Speaks For You!

‘#LoveOntheRocks’, ‘Sip Sip Hooray' or any others that are close to your heart painted beautifully on these boards will never fail to work their charm. Let the designers create your exclusive wedding bar decorated with these wedding signage boards. Accessorise it with floral settings like in this one or mingle them up with a setting of your choice.

Offbeat Wedding Bar To Add The Quirkiness 

Source Tanvi & Co.

Many theme-based quirky bars are designed especially to compliment your wedding theme. Anything from funky colours to classic ones is mix-matched and a pretty bar setup is created exclusively for you by our team of experts.

Boat-Inspired Wedding Bar

Source ShaadiSaga

Have you been in love with the waters since forever? Let your guests know through this beautiful boat inspired wedding bar created in shades of water. A boat filled with chilled drinks sounds perfect! Doesn’t it?

Personalised Wedding Bar Menu

Source Pinterest

Next up is a personalised wedding bar menu that is the trendiest of all. Drinks that you choose are scribbled on a huge menu board along with some decorations that go with the theme of your wedding. This board is added to your wedding bar not only making it easy for your guests to select their favourite but also make the bar look stunning.

Wedding Bar for the Bollywood Lover

We are as obsessed with Bollywood as you are! Your wedding bar is the perfect opportunity to make your friends and family groove to some Bollywood tunes. These bar setup designed keeping you Bollywood love in mind is going to add to the vibes for sure.

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Types of Bar Services for Wedding

Bar services for a wedding in a corner? Nah! As bar services have to be the most happening service of the wedding that tempts your guest to enjoy to their fullest we have the bar service packages that usually offer a series of services including the drinks of your choice being served by professional bartenders via a theme-based bar setup crafted especially for you. Perfect implementation of this idea of bar service requires professionals, here is where we step in.

ShaadiSaga, through its years of experience, understands what is to be served at a wedding. As we extend our services to providing bar services for weddings in Mumbai, we make sure that our customer is completely satisfied. Our Bar Packages for weddings in Mumbai city includes a customised bar setup that is crafted exclusively for you, professional bartenders to serve your guest with their warmest smiles and to make them feel welcomed, drinks of your choice and experts who will assist you to design your menu and acquire a license. Go through the services that we have to offer in detail as you read further.

Professional Bartenders

Source ShaadiSaga

Bartenders have an impact on your party. They are the ones who make your guests feel welcome at your wedding, so the right bartenders must always be a priority for those looking for bar catering for weddings in Mumbai. Years of professional experience have trained our bartenders quite well in doing so. Skilled in making the fanciest drinks, these bartenders serve the drinks with their brightest smile. Through their speedy services, each bartender is capable of serving up to 40 guests. Choose them to make your wedding turn into a memorable one!

Bar Decor

Putting their creative minds, the experts design a unique bar decor for every wedding. The theme for your wedding is usually chosen by keeping in mind the interest of the customer. Be it Bollywood, quirky & desi, Carribean cruise, or vintage, our experts design the most creative ones for you. Choose from the most appealing ones and thank us later!

Customised Packages

Source ShaadiSaga

Whether you’re opting for a bar service indoor or open bar service for marriage in Mumbai this requires you to select a package as per your requirements. The package includes different types of drinks that you want at your event. At ShaadiSaga, we customise your bar service package according to your preference and the amount of the beverages you need. Our customised packages not only serve you with what you want and but are also easier on your pockets. So, how about booking your bar service right away and enjoying your favourite drinks on your wedding occasions! 

Personalised Bar Menus

Source ShaadiSaga

Adding a personal touch to your wedding bar menu is trending. ShaadiSaga provides you with an expert who is going to assist you to name your drinks by adding a personal touch to them. Name the drinks after the moments that you have spent together to relive them on the day of your wedding.

Glassware and Other Supplies

Source Shaadi Saga

At a wedding bar, the cutlery where the drinks are being served is as important as what is being served inside it. Don’t worry about it, we will take care. Our bar packages for weddings in Mumbai city offer you with the cutlery set along with the bar decor as per the theme of the bar. Different sets of glassware are provided in the package for different drinks of your choice. Stirrers, dispensers, containers, ice, ice buckets, etc. are also included in the package. Not only this but the drinks can be served not only in these glasses but also mason jars, fruit shells, bulb-shaped glasses are also provided by us to level up the style quotient of the wedding bar.

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Detail Pricing of Bar Catering for Weddings in Mumbai

Just like any other wedding service the exact price that will be incurred in your wedding bar depends on your requirements. The variety and brands of beverages that you choose to include in your package are the major contributing factor to decide the price of your package. Another one that decides the cost that will be incurred in your wedding bar service is the number of drinks that you choose to include.

Usually, services like bartenders, decor and other supplies are added to the price of the package as ‘added cost’. At ShaadiSaga, however, we provide premium services including bar setup free of cost. We have created the packages keeping your best interest in mind, you can, however, customise your package as per your needs. Please note that the quantity of drinks is in terms of crates. One crate includes 12 bottles of 750 ml.

The bar packages for weddings in Mumbai city cost for 100 to 200 guests in Mumbai start at Rs. 1,00,000/-. On average, 10-20% of the wedding budget is spent on the bar for a happening wedding party. This includes the drinks, bartenders, bar decoration and other supplies. However, this percentage can vary depending on the brands and variety of the cocktails that you choose.

How to hire Bar Services for Weddings in Mumbai City?

Source ShaadiSaga

Hiring the best bar services in Mumbai just a few clicks away. Browse through the website to fill a very simple form. All we ask is your basic details like your event date, venue and your contact number. Once you submit this form on the website, our representative gets in touch with you to confirm your requirements and provide the best quotations to you. Variety of packages are offered to you for bar services for 200 guests in Mumbai or even more than 1000 guests in the city. Keeping our primary aim of customer satisfaction in mind we ensure you the finest services at the lowest prices.

Last Words!

A Mumbai Wedding, today, ain't complete without a luxurious bar at least one of the wedding functions. Be it the wedding day, cocktail party, sangeet or reception. The bar at weddings these days are no more just serving drinks, an exquisite bar setup, professional bartenders and a personalised touch to the bar makes to add to the charm and the happy vibes of the wedding. So, how about celebrating your love story with your guests over a couple of drinks? Sounds cool! 

As promised ShaadiSaga, works to take care of all your wedding needs. Extending our wedding planning services we ensure to offer you the best bar services in Mumbai. The decorations, customised packages, personalised menus are the key elements you must remember while finalising your wedding bar. That’s not all, ShaadiSaga also assists you to procure a license from the authorities to serve drinks at your venue without any hassle.

Disclaimer: “ShaadiSaga does not promote the consumption of alcohol. Bar service and alco-beverages mentioned on the page are provided by licensed vendors, it will not be procured or delivered by ShaadiSaga”.


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