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Dear Grooms-To-Be, there are only a few days left until the big day! I know you want to feel your best and look your best at your wedding. So, sending you lots of warm wishes and good luck but wait, that's not all! I am also going to help you look like the king that you are! How about you wear some stunning green jewellery on your big day?

Here are some beautiful images of grooms that wore green jewellery on their wedding day and looked dapper in it! From green emeralds to studded green beads, we have tons of inspiration for all your grooms-to-be. 

Grooms Wearing Green Jewellery 

1. This forest green necklace with the flower on the side is simply beautiful!

2. This minimalistic layered necklace goes so perfectly with the groom's almost white sherwani!

3. The small green beads of the groom's necklace pop out!

4. This three-layered green necklace is perfect for grooms who don't wanna go OTT with their jewellery!

5. The fresh minty hue of this groom's necklace is so soothing to the eyes!

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6. This groom's simple four-layered green necklace will appeal to almost all grooms-to-be!

7. This green polki necklace has such a royal vibe to it!

8. This green and golden necklace are just so unique!

9. This groom's multi-layered dark green necklace is gorgeous!

10. If you are looking for something simple, this three-layered emerald green necklace is great for you!

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11. We love how this groom's multi-layered necklace has green beads along with polki and pearls!

12. We are in awe of how this groom's necklace has so many gorgeous elements at once!

13. This groom's green necklace is paired with pearl chains and it looks just so elegant!

14. Get a green necklace lick this if you want it to stand out against your neutral-coloured outfit!

15. This shade of this groom's green necklace is so refreshing!

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16. Another minty green necklace that we just can't get enough of!

17. Grooms, this is how you wear your green jewellery correctly!

18. This groom's green necklace has a sober yet glam look!

19. All the Sikh grooms out there, this green jewellery with pearls is so graceful!

20. This green necklace with the little flowers in between is just so lovely!

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21. Take inspiration from this groom if you want to wear green jewellery on your big day!

22. We can't get over how perfectly this groom balances his white and green outfit with his green jewellery!

23. This dainty green necklace with golden elements has our hearts!

24. Make way for this dashing groom and his gorgeous green necklace!

Source Arjun Shah

25. We are heart-eyed for this beautiful couple and the groom's green necklace!

26. Looking to wear a green beaded necklace? This green jewellery for the groom-to-be is perfect! 

27. Or, how about this stunning green necklace studded with Kundan & polki stones? 

Source Qbik

28. If you're wearing an ivory sherwani, then this green necklace will work wonders for you. 

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Grooms Who Wore Green Jewellery On Their Big Day & Nailed It Like a Boss!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Grooms Who Wore Green Jewellery On Their Big Day & Nailed It Like a Boss!