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​​​​​​"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved" is how a famous saying by George Sand goes like and that's exactly what holds true for this couple's love story too. A love that knows no boundaries and builds beyond the ideas of what is and what should be, is the purest form of love and is metaphoric of godly love. Resonating with this unbound and unconditional love is this sweetest story of Keshav and Cyril who proudly tied the knot as a gay couple and we can't stop gushing over how happy they both look together.

Keshav Suri, the executive director of the Lalit Hotels and Cyril Feuillebois, the founder of Kronokare Cosmetics recently exchanged rings and vows in an intimate beach wedding in Goa. As Keshav says, "only fools in love marry twice in the same year with the same person", they previously tied the knot this year in June in Paris and didn't mind doing it again (so adorable). Surrounded by their families, friends, supporters, and well-wishers, their quaint wedding is worth awing at and the photos are overflowing with bespoke happiness and sheer love.

The wedding that took place by the beaches of The Lalit, Goa was beautified by the pristine and subtle floral decor in hues of white and pinks done by Vogue Luxury Weddings. Donning statement Shantanu & Nikhil outfits for the day, both Keshav and Cyril looked crisp and dapper! Have a look at the photos!

The highlight of the ceremony we believe was the couple's entry in decked up vintage cars. While Keshav and Cyril walked down the aisle along with their sisters, Keshav's sister Shraddha played the dhol leading the entire entourage up to the stage where they exchanged their rings and vows. Look at this video!

Another highlight of the ceremony were the couple's vows that brought even us into happy tears and we couldn't stop ourselves from melting.

What caught our attention and has made an everlasting impact on our hearts and minds is Keshav's mother. Listening to her talk about happiness, the support she extented to Keshav for being who he is and also being a proud mother, we couldn't be happier for the couple. And of course, his mommy has won our hearts! Like Keshav wrote in his Instagram post along with the video we believe that every queer kid should share this video with their families, friends and partners.

Gracing this celebration of love with their presence were the crème de la crème of the industry naming, Gaurav Gupta, Pernia Qureshi, Rasna BhasinRoshni Chopra and more. Here are some more photos for you to ogle at.

When they say that "love wins" and that "at the end, it's only love that prevails and it's love that matters", we believe there are no two ways to that. For both Keshav and Cyril apparently, it's only love that has ever mattered and ever will. And undoubtedly, this #kitcyphrenia—the Gayest Wedding ever, is one festivity to remember where the vows as Keshav writes in his post, "are not just a commitment to each other but a strong message to every queer indivdual out there that love wins."


We're in love with this wedding that screams "Love Wins". What are your thoughts?

This Goa Wedding of Keshav Suri & Cyril is the GAY-est Wedding Ever!

by Divya Arora

This Goa Wedding of Keshav Suri & Cyril is the GAY-est Wedding Ever!