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For their captivating look, freshness and eye-pleasing charm, floral buns are undoubtedly the most favored go-to for brides for their bridal hairstyles. Be it their engagement, the wedding or the reception day, buns adorned with varied blooms in different hues make up for a perfect bridal hairdo. Of course, the beauty of open decorated tresses and decked up bridal braids is undeniable but, the classic elegance of buns is simply unmatched! 

Taking the floral bun game a notch above are the floral bouquet buns, the bewitching beauty of which, is making them one of the most trending bridal hairstyles. Splendid buns fully adorned & covered with fresh or faux flowers (just like a bouquet) elevate your bridal look even though they only lend a peek-a-boo from underneath your veil. Nevertheless, brides go head over heels crazy for these flower bouquet buns which is why we've put together a few fab and charismatic designs for you to choose for yourself.

Go get saving your favs!

Bookmark-worthy Floral Bouquet Bun Hairstyles for Brides 

1. A mesmerizing combination of pink and white carnations and pretty tuberoses adorns this bride's bun!

2. Bun decorated in hues of pink with an added touch of white!

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3. Roses, baby's breath and hydarangeas in hues of pink and white make up for a perfect setting.

4. A beauteous infusion of pink, orange, white & baby pink roses with a dash of elegant baby's breath!

5. A new and unique color combination of yellow & white rose petals adorning the bun.

6. The ombre effect that these white, baby pink and red carnations create is jaw dropping!

Source Reba Khan

7. Decking up your high and low buns completely with mogra flowers for a classic bridal hairstyle is a superb idea.

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8. Adorning your bridal bun with baby breaths and purple flowers completely looks ethereal.

9. These light tinted faux flowers make up for such a pretty flower hairstyle for wedding.

Source Richa Dave

10. Just a gorgeous bouquet of light & pastel hued roses!

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11. An all rose bridal bouquet bun.

Source Reba Khan

12. Don't want full roses? Have 'em rose petals pinned all over for that minimalist look!

13. An eye-pleasing bunch of soft pastel hued flowers with a dash of lilac colored flowers.

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14. A bridal bun done in carnations and outlining mogra garlands is an extremely unique way of doing the classic mogra buns.

Source Reba Khan

15. A pink & white rose petal decked up bun amped up with red & white roses and baby's breath flowers.

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15. This huge stunning spiralling white floral bun is super edgy and different.

16. Roses of different hues along with baby breath flowers is always a perfect choice!

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17. A beautiful rose bun with a brooch hair pin in the middle is a great idea for brides to flaunt their bridal hairstyles without a dupatta. (bun accessory alert!)

18. This is such an exquisite bouquet bun done in scintillating pink hydrangea flowers.

19. A unique setting of fresh and faux flowers!

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20. Baby's breath, pink carnations and pink rose petals done in an amazing layer setting!

21. A bridal flower bun decked up with white and pink peonies.


Which bridal bouquet bun are you all hearts for? Tell us rn!

21 Floral Bouquet Bun Hairstyles for Brides who love being Extra!

by Divya Arora

21 Floral Bouquet Bun Hairstyles for Brides who love being Extra!