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One easy way to take your bridal look from average to uber-chic? Twist your hair into a voguish fishtail braid & see it work like a charm!

Fishtail braids are purely boho and we all know for a fact how well they go for a mehndi ceremony. However, they can be an equally great up-gradation to your wedding day look as well. Whether you pair them up with soft waves, dainty floral adornments, mini dutch braids or simply weave them tightly, fishtail braids look super amazing no matter how you choose to style the plait. They are easy, timeless and totally fuss-free-exactly how a bride wants her wedding day hair to be! 

So, to give you cues on how you can style yours on may be your big day or any other wedding ceremony, we have compiled a list of our favourite brides who rocked the fishtail braid hairstyle and how! 

Elegant Fishtail Braids for all the Contemporary Brides

Simply Woven!

This bride gorgeously tied her hair in a simplistic fishtail braid and looked effortless as ever.

Classy & elegant, this fishtail braid is adding just that wow appeal to this bride’s bold look.

Make a stylish statement like this bride who did her front hair into tousled waves and wove rest of the hair into an impressive fishtail plait.

This bride’s loosely tied fishtail braid sprinkled with a handful of pink flowers goes exceptionally well with her attire.

Source Fooljhadi

If you’ve got long & luscious locks just like this real bride, this loosely done, a thick fishtail braid is the one for you.

Ones with dainty embellishments

Nothing could have been better to match up with this bride’s scintillating mehndi outfit than a fishtail braid beautifully adorned with baby’s breath.

Source Prune India

Are you too crushing over this side-swept fishtail braid perked up with white daisies as much as you are?

Yet another bride who nailed the fail-safe fishtail braid with baby’s breath on her Mehndi ceremony and that too so flawlessly!

This bride infused pop of lavender to her fishtail braid and we’re all game for it!

Fishtail braids and baby’s breaths make for an ultimate combination and this bride showed us that!

A cascade of two & multiple braids

If this voluminous braid woven with three mini fishtail braids & fancy rose braids doesn’t leave you impressed, nothing else ever will!

When a plethora of fishtail braids come together to make a huge one, you can’t expect it to be anything short of stunning.

Look like a modern-day princess with this mesmerizing braid featuring multiple fishtail braids entwined with sheer perfection!

A perfect blend of fishtail, waterfall & dutch braids lending this bride all the gorgeousness!

A phenomenal creation boasting of two fishtail braids clubbed together with edgy twists, twirls and waves.

All about beauteous floral details!

We’re falling hard for this bride’s Gardenia fishtail braid enhanced with a myriad of flowers.

Are you a Gajra lover? Then this bride might leave you with just the right sort of inspo! She donned a spectacular Gajra adorned fishtail braid on her mehndi & it’s undeniably pretty!

Get bowled over by this breathtaking fishtail braid topped off with marigold and red roses!


Fishtails with flowers or Fishtails sans flowers, which one are you going to pick?

15+ Fishtail Braids on Real Brides Gave Us Legit of #Hairspiration

by Anupriya Khanna

15+ Fishtail Braids on Real Brides Gave Us Legit of #Hairspiration