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The eyes of a bride have their own vocabulary. They can reveal hints of her deepest thoughts in just one look. They can reflect joy, mischief and sadness all at once. The beautiful eyes of a bride are not meant to be ignored, but to be adorned in the most celebrated way possible. The reason behind a bride's exquisitely attractive eyes is not just the anticipating look of a new life, but also the play of gorgeous eyeshadows that adorn it. Eye makeup for brides isn’t all just about elaborate ideas for bridal makeup though, it's about creating a balance between what suits the bride and what's in trend. 

Generally, bridal makeup is on the warmer sides with foundations of browns and reds topped off with glittering goldens. However, makeup artists have never shied away from playing with cool-toned eyeshadow colours. Cool-toned eyeshadows, paired with the right false eyelashes and lipstick, can create some of the most stunning yet naturally flattering eye makeup looks.  As the winter bridal season begins, brides are embracing cool-toned colours for both their outfits as well as their makeup.

We've rounded up some of our favourite cool-toned eye makeup looks from the beauty aisle which further proves that everything that glitters does not have to be gold. 

35+ Cool-Toned Eye Makeup Looks To Flaunt This Wedding Season

1. Shimmering Silvers

Though as beautiful as a shimmering moonlit night by the ocean, silver can be a slightly tricky colour to work with when it comes to expressive eye makeups. Applied less, it may go unnoticed. But if applied too much, it may end up making you look like a disco ball. However, there is no denying that silver (including matte greys), produces some of the most beautifully bold yet sultry eye looks for brides. Here are some of our favourite silver eye makeups that MUA's are bold enough to pull off on a bride. 

2. Brilliant Blues

Probably one of the most intimidating shades to play with, blue is a colour that never fails to impress. Plus, it comes in so many hues that it the vareity of eye makeup looks are endless. It is a colour category that can be used to create not only flattering glitter and metallic looks but also striking matte looks. Fun to experiment with, blue always delivers a light feeling while giving a stunning depth to the bride's eyes. Check out these dazzeling looks by MUA's we're totally crushing over!


3. Glorious Greens

A truely underrated colour, especially when it comes to eye makeup. While many shy away from green when it comes to full eye makeups for brides, it is a fantastic colour for day time ceremonies. In fact, if smoked out with the right amount of black and grey, it can be used to create captivating eye makeup looks. Just like blue, green is a cool toned colour than is paired with many warm tones like brown and golden. However, in its own element, green can be used to produce looks in metalllic, shimmer and matte that make the bride's eyes look on fleek, just like the looks presented below.

Source Martha MUA

4. Powerful Purples

When purple comes into play, it is the maximalist's time to shine. From lilac to ultra violet, there isn't a single shade of purple that cannot be pulled off to create a soft yet bold and universally flattering eye look on brides. Furthermore, this colour matches well with endless other shades. Blend it with some green, smoke it out with some black or sprinkle a dash of silver glitter on top- everything goes! 


Which of these cool-toned looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

35+ Cool-Toned Eyeshadow Looks For Brides And Bridesmaids

by Shivani Singh

35+ Cool-Toned Eyeshadow Looks For Brides And Bridesmaids