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Your wedding decor is one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding, brides. This is the thing that you’ll remember right after your bridal look once you’re married. Heck, people are going to remember it more than you would so it is only natural that you have to ensure that your wedding decor is top-notch. While everyone is doing the conventional decor of flowers and drapes, we have a mindblowing decor option for you today which will not only help you stand out but will also not burn a hole in your pocket. Trust cane and wicker baskets to work their magic as your wedding decor! 

Trending Cane & Wicker Basket Wedding Decor

Baskets With Flowers As Decor

If you want a hint of colour in your wedding decor, we recommend opting for baskets with flowers as decor. The best part about cane and wicker is the fact that all colours match with them so you can opt for whichever flower you like for your wedding decor. Use this dynamic combination as hangings, centre tables or have them placed here and there to fill empty spaces! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Put The Greens With The Baskets

A pretty good combination is one of greens and cane or wicker baskets together. It’s the perfect duo for your wedding decor if you’re looking for an earthy and neat vibe at your wedding rather than a pop of colours. Use this duo for hanging on the ceiling, putting on tables and whatnot at your wedding function!

Light Up Those Cane & Wicker Baskets

Another great way to make use of cane and wicker baskets is by using fairy lights, bulbs or another kind of light to light up the baskets. This wedding decor is absolutely perfect if you’re planning on having a night function. It’s unconventional, easy to afford and looks extremely nice. And, if you want to get a better idea, we say you scroll below and see how magical it really looks!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai


So brides which cane & wicker decor idea are you going to take? Share your thoughts HERE!

#TrendAlert: Cane & Wicker Baskets As Part of Your Wedding Decor

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#TrendAlert: Cane & Wicker Baskets As Part of Your Wedding Decor