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With your wedding day almost around the corner, we're pretty sure that you must have finalised on your wedding outfit and picked those perfect set of baubles to pair with it. But what about your wedding hair? Have you decided on that yet? Will you keep your hair down, get them done into a dramatic braid or opt for a classic bridal bun instead? Well, no matter what you choose you need to first make sure it suits your hair type and texture. After all, a hairstyle that looks gorgeous on someone with long & straight locks may not necessarily suit you if you've got short & wavy hair. So, first things first, know your hair type. Understand whether you possess a curly hair texture or you're someone with fine & thin hair type. Once you're done doing that, you can move to the next step, i.e. decide on a suitable hairstyle which your hair will hold well. And to help you do just that, we're here to your rescue!

We've enlisted some of the best bridal hairstyles as per your hair type and texture. Know your hair type and see which hairstyle is suitable for you!

Bridal Hairstyles as per your Hair Type & Texture

1. Straight Hair

Sleek and straight hair are relatively easier to manage. They are silky & flowy. But the thing with them is that they can't hold a curl for too long, even when you go on hair spraying them endlessly (Some exceptions are always there!) Which is why it is best to pick a hairstyle that goes best with your natural hair type. A Slick tight bun can be your perfect pick (for the wedding). It looks super classy and elegant. And who else showed that to us, other than our Bollywood diva Deepika. The beautiful lady sported this chic bridal updo for almost all of her wedding ceremonies. And, Oh boy, she literally aced it! Coming to more options, you can even try hairstyles like a loosely braided updo (for the engagement or reception), a pretty half-tie crown braid for that boho look (perfect hair for sangeet) or keep your hair plain jane with a centre partition.

[1] Source Aanal Savaliya [2] Source Anna Karapetyan

2. Curly Hair

Irrespective of how hard you try to get rid of the curls with all that rigorous heating & flat ironing, you know they'll be back again in a few hours. So why not stick to the natural texture? Embrace your luscious curls and play around them. Opt for hairstyles that give your curls all the limelight. You can try something as beautiful and easy as a top knot bun beautified with some embellished bobby pins (for the wedding) or a side bun with some loose curly bangs in front for that quintessential retro look (for a sangeet ceremony). If you don't want to tie your hair into a bun, you can even ditch opting for an updo and simply keep your tresses down. Just make sure they look more presentable than what they usually do. Ask your hairstylist to give it a refined touch.

3. Thick & Coarse Hair

Thick and coarse hair look luscious and healthy. They can be disorderly and hard to manage. But if you separate them into sections and reduce their density a bit (with the help of a flat iron), pinning them into a hairstyle gets easier. Furthermore, there are so many unique and different ways you can style your thick hair, like dress them up into a twisted half updo (for the cocktail), braid them tightly (for mehndi) or make an elaborate chignon bun out of them (for the wedding). You can even consider some cascading & layered hairstyles as they add mobility to the hair.

[1] Source Simmy Makwana [2] Source Amrit Kaur

4. Fine & Thin Hair

Even though fine and thin hair often look too flat & limp, but they are the most manageable and malleable when it comes to styling. Just add that much-needed volume & texture to your fine tresses by curling them or using a texturizing spray and then you can dress them up as you choose. There are just too many hairstyles that you can try-right from a beautiful messy updo, a high knot ponytail, a prettily braided half-updo to some simple & untamed waves. 

[1] Source Sophia [2] Source Aarushi Oswal

Source Pinterest

5. Short Hair

Who says short hair is boring? They look just as chic as medium and long hair when styled perfectly. You can easily twist them into an elegant low-bun (if shoulder length) or opt for a short bob with side bangs. You can even try stunning beachy waves, a pretty half-up-half-down hairstyle or a mesmerising curly bob paired with a beauteous headgear or tiara.

[1] Source Pinterest [2] Shot by THE PHOTO DIARY, Mumbai

6. Long Hair

If you are someone who is blessed with naturally long tresses, you're definitely in luck as the scope of experimentation is endless. Whether you want a high ponytail with voluminous curls, a dazzling waterfall braid, a classic updo or tousled waves, your long hair can complement them all. So, take advantage of your hair length and choose the most suitable hairdo to pair with your attire.

[1] Source Reba Khan [2] Source Ritika Kadam


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Best Bridal Hairstyles According to Hair Type & Texture

by Anupriya Khanna

Best Bridal Hairstyles According to Hair Type & Texture