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Indian weddings are all about elaborate and exquisitely designed traditional attire, and well-coordinated makeup. Brides-to-be enhance their beautiful features in many different ways, in order to look the best they’ve ever looked on one of the most wonderful days of their lives. And one of the many ways to do that is by putting on a gorgeous bindi. As one of the key elements of a bride's Solah Shringar, a bindi is of utmost importance for many. And we've witnessed some of the best bindi designs adorning brides of today. 

So, to keep you inspired and to show you all the kinds of bindi designs that brides are rocking these days. Get acquainted with different kinds of bindi design styles that Indian women wear across different cultures of India. And don't forget to bookmark your favs!

Gorgeous Bindi Designs Worn By Brides

The Quintessential Big Bindi

The big bindi on brides is all the rage these days. They enhance the bride's entire look by millions. In fact, they look fantastic with not just full glam bridal makeup but can be worn with light or no-makeup looks as well. In fact, amidst the dazzle of heavy jewels, a simple big bindi can make any bride look like a true royal princess.

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Source Richa Dave

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Chandrakor Bindi Design

For all the Marathi brides out there, this is such an important part of their attire. Named after a crescent moon, the Chandrakor bindi design is generally made out of a solid red colour, worn by Marathi brides on their wedding day, generally along with a Nauvari saree and traditional Nath. While many brides enjoy keeping this bindi design simple and straightforward, many don't shy away from choosing bigger designs to match their makeup perfectly. 

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Source Mandar SSP

Dainty And Trendy Small Bindis

In the world of minimalism, brides nowadays can be seen requesting small Bindi designs to complement the wedding trousseau. These small red dots look amazing and flattering on a bride and can be worn on any function, as long as they complement an attire. 

Amazing Bengali Bindi

Bengali bindi designs are some of the most significant elements of a Bengali bride's wedding attire. Made with red and white kumkuma, the red dot in the center and the swirling patterns around it are created to decorate the forehead of the bride in the most exquisite way possible. And trust us, these make Bengali brides look gorgeous in every way!

A Gold Stud Like Bindi

While many brides choose an elaborate or heavy bindi to go with their attire, some go in for the more simple yet elegant stone studded bindi. Dainty yet fabulous, these stone studded bindi designs come in various colours and can be worn with all sorts of attire, from traditional to fusion. So, whether you're dressing up for your wedding or a sangeet, these tiny and gorgeous bindis are a great addition to your attire. 

Source Picsurely

Bedazzled Bindis

Two of the most sought after colours found in a bride's trousseau are red and gold. And when those are combined as a part of a bride's bindi, it just perfectly uplifts the entire ensemble. So, if you're looking to jazz up your bridal look, then this is one of the best ways to wear a bindi while keeping the size of the bindi minimal.


So, which Bindi style would you prefer to wear on your wedding day? 

40+ Gorgeous Bridal Bindi Designs Worn By Real Brides!

by Shivani Singh

40+ Gorgeous Bridal Bindi Designs Worn By Real Brides!