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Picture yourself strolling along the iconic Sydney Harbour, with the majestic sails of the Opera House framing the skyline against a backdrop of crimson hues as the sun dips below the horizon – a scene straight from a romantic postcard. Yet, this is merely the beginning of your odyssey into the heart of Australia's allure.

But Australia is not just about sun-kissed beaches and cosmopolitan cities; it's a land of contrasts and boundless adventure. Dive beneath the surface of the cerulean waters to discover the kaleidoscopic wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, where vibrant corals and exotic marine life paint an underwater tapestry unlike any other. Or, lose yourselves in the untamed beauty of the Outback, where vast expanses of red earth and ancient rock formations stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time!

A honeymoon in Australia is an adventure of a lifetime. From the sun-drenched shores of Queensland to the rugged beauty of Western Australia, let us be your guide to crafting the honeymoon of your dreams in the land down under!

Australia Honeymoon Guide

Why is Australia The Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Australia offers diverse experiences, from pristine beaches to vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes, making it ideal for honeymooners! Couples can explore iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, relax on stunning beaches like those in the Whitsunday Islands, or embark on adventurous journeys through the Outback.

The country's luxurious resorts and romantic accommodations cater to every taste, ensuring a memorable stay. With its friendly locals, delicious cuisine and abundant wildlife, Australia provides a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure and romance making it an unforgettable honeymoon destination!

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How to Reach Australia?

Several airlines offer direct and connecting flights from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Direct flights typically depart from international airports like Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. Alternatively, travellers can connect flights with layovers in cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or Dubai.

The cost of the flight can vary depending on the time of year you are travelling, how far in advance you book your tickets, and the airline you choose. However, a rough estimate for a round-trip economy class ticket would be between 50,000 - 80,000 INR. Business class tickets can cost significantly more, ranging from 150,000 - 250,000 INR or more, depending on the airline and the time of year. It is always recommended to check prices and availability with various airlines to get the best deal.

It's advisable to check flight schedules, prices and visa requirements in advance and plan accordingly for a smooth journey.

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Places to Visit in Australia


Explore the iconic Sydney Opera House, relax at Bondi Beach or take romantic walks in the Royal Botanic Garden!


Discover hidden laneways, enjoy gourmet dining and indulge in cultural experiences like visiting the Melbourne Museum.

Byron Bay

Here you can experience the laid-back atmosphere, enjoy stunning beaches and witness breathtaking sunsets at Cape Byron Lighthouse.


Explore the Great Barrier Reef, take scenic helicopter rides and relax in luxury resorts overlooking the Coral Sea.


Wander through Salamanca Market, explore historic sites like Port Arthur and take a scenic drive along the Tasman Peninsula!

Whitsunday Islands

Sail around pristine islands, snorkel in crystal-clear waters and enjoy secluded beach picnics with your loved one.


Discover charming wine regions like Barossa Valley, stroll along Glenelg Beach and visit picturesque Hahndorf village.


Enjoy sunset views at Cottesloe Beach, explore the cultural hub of Fremantle and take day trips to Rottnest Island.

Gold Coast

Experience thrilling theme parks, unwind at luxury resorts and explore the lush hinterland of Tamborine Mountain.


Witness stunning sunsets over Cable Beach, go on camel rides and explore the unique landscapes of the Kimberley region.

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Things to do in Australia

Of course, every couple needs to have fun during their honeymoon. And thankfully Australia's the land of fun, adventure-filled opportunities!

1. Scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides

Float above picturesque landscapes like the Yarra Valley or the Gold Coast hinterland for breathtaking views.

2. Snorkeling or Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Explore the world's largest coral reef system together, marvelling at vibrant marine life and colourful corals.

3. Romantic Beach Picnics

Enjoy intimate picnics on secluded beaches such as Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays or Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.

4. Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

Indulge in exquisite wine-tasting experiences amidst scenic vineyards, accompanied by gourmet food pairings.

5. Stargazing in the Outback

Spend a night under the stars in the vast Australian Outback, away from city lights, for a truly mesmerizing experience.

6. Sunset Cruises

Embark on romantic sunset cruises in Sydney Harbour, Darwin, or the Whitsunday Islands, sipping champagne as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

7. Wildlife Encounters

Get up close and personal with iconic Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, and quokkas through guided wildlife tours or sanctuary visits.

8. Scenic Drives

Take leisurely drives along coastal routes like the Great Ocean Road or the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at charming towns and scenic viewpoints along the way.

9. Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourselves in Indigenous culture with guided tours, Aboriginal art workshops, or performances showcasing traditional dances and music!

10. Adventure Activities

Bond over thrilling adventures like skydiving over Byron Bay, bungee jumping in Queenstown, or jet boating in the Shotover River.


Embarking on a honeymoon in Australia promises an unforgettable adventure filled with romance, beauty, and excitement. Whether you're snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, savouring gourmet cuisine in Melbourne, or stargazing under the vast desert skies, Australia captivates with its natural wonders and vibrant culture. So, pack your bags, set your sights on the Land Down Under, and let the magic of Australia create memories to last a lifetime. Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable experiences together!


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The Ultimate Australia Honeymoon Guide!

by Shivani Singh

The Ultimate Australia Honeymoon Guide!