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We know weddings can sometimes be about sticking to a tight schedule or trying to tick off all the check-boxes and what seems like the WORLD’S LONGEST TO-DO LIST. But that doesn’t mean you miss all the small quirks and kinks of what makes a wedding into a Shaadi. It really is about all the small moments and the good times that truly stay in your heart forever, so it’s very important to not lose sight of them.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to put together a fun A-Z of Indian Weddings that will remind you of its moments you don’t plan that is the most memorable of all (Some of them are our favorite wedding elements too).

Now go, read 'em all!

The Most Hilarious & Real A-Z of Indian Weddings

‘A’ is for aunties that go “Agla number tumhara hai, beta”.

We all have encountered aunties like these at one wedding or the other. They just come at you out of nowhere mid-conversation to remind you that your fun, single days are almost about to come to an end.

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‘B’ is for the Bashing Bachelorette Party(ies)

You and your girls have been dreaming of since your high school or college days. It could be one last care-free night out or even an exciting bachelorette trip. 

‘C’ is for Chooda Ceremony

The chooda ceremony is one of the most fun & lively ceremonies of all and the best part is where the brides rustle kaleeras over their BFF's. Now the fun fact is sometimes the kaleeras drop and sometimes they are dropped! :P

‘D’ is for Dhol Night

This un-missable wedding function (mostly at Punjabi weddings) is just another excuse for us to go wild on the dance floor!

‘E’ is for the Endless Shaadi ka Khaana that we’re all here to devour

 Be it the mehndi or the reception, fun finds it’s best friend IN FOOD. Followed by another guilty pleasure of ours, which is critiquing every dish on the menu (hehe)

Source Tenor

‘F’ is for those Fake Candids

And poses that you’ve spent so much time perfecting and now it’s showtime!

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‘G’ is for Ghararas

The perfect wedding pants that look super snazzy but don’t hold you down ever. They make sure you’re always ready to move in style and the best part is THEY HAVE POCKETS!

‘H’ is for the most-awaited, Honeymoon

The perfect getaway and change of scenery you really needed after an almost month-long wedding. Your honeymoon is a topic you would usually love to bring up and talk about, but can’t help getting awkward about if someone else brings it up first.

‘I’ for Indo-western Outfits

Possibly the most versatile option we have when it comes to fusion. Peplum blouses, embellished jackets, crop tops matched with palazzo pants and long skirt are only the beginning of it all.

‘J’ is for Joota Chhupayi Rasam

 The ultimate showdown between the ladke-waalas and the ladki waalas to showcase their battle strategies.

‘K’ for Kanjivaram Sarees

 These are a classic for weddings and a must have in your wardrobe. They are the perfect option for a sober, serene and classy look.

‘L’ is for Latkans

Which hold your outfit together (quite literally). These danglers can be made of pearls, pom-poms, tassels, tiny cushions or even artificial stones and compliment all blouses.

‘M’ for maang tikka and maath apatti

Which are essentially the crown of the bride and she wears it just like royalty?

‘N’ is for Naagin Dance (which every wedding is incomplete without)

A.K.A the most outrageous dance form only found at Indian Weddings by guests who're 1456278 tequila shots down. It is the highlight of the dance floor, tipsy chachas and mamas get groovy and put on a show for the rest of the family. Sometimes the maasis join in too(?)

‘O’ is foooor


You guessed it, this number by Sukhbir is the ultimate wedding anthem. No matter if you play it on your sangeet, your reception or even your Haldi! It fits just right everywhere!

‘P’ is for Patiala pegs

The one wedding festivity that people of all generations will be able to agree upon. Drinks are the best way to get the party started with everyone in a jolly mood. 

‘P’ is also for daring plunging necklines that are bound to get you some looks and turns.

‘Q’  is for those bittersweet Quarrels the shaadi waala ghar can't do without

When it comes to making a choice about anything, may it be your choice of decor or even the choice of the groom!

'R’ is for “Rishtedaari, Nibhaani toh Padegi”

Everyone’s got their own list of nosey aunts and creepy AF uncles that you’d rather not invite to your wedding. 
But by the virtue of blood-relation (and also mummy ki daant) they’re gonna be there so better slap on your favorite fake smile!

‘S’ is for that dreamy Sabyasachi lehenga

That you've oogled on catalogs and Instagram posts for months it’s the lehnga of your dreams and you can’t help falling love all over again!

‘T’ is  for twinning

Whether it be with your bridesmaids or with your mother.
Color-coordinated outfits make for the most adorable pictures!
And also T for tequila shots? Liquid courage,anyone?

‘U’ for Umbrella phoolon ki chaadar.

The perfect piece of flower decor, a must-have at your wedding and a stellar statement piece!

‘V’ is for Veere!

Your girl gang and bride tribe are going to be your backbone when it comes to your wedding. They’re the literal life of the bridal party and will make sure everything goes according to plan, either by hook or crook.

Source Giphy

'W' is for Wannabe Matchmaker.

Yes, we all know that one friend who took too much inspiration from 'Aisha' and should now really stop playing Cupid.

‘X’ for your that one ex-boyfriend,

Who is still actually invited to the wedding because well, he’s a family friend? You might have mixed emotions about this one but it will all go down smoothly none the less.

‘Y’ is for that grand Yash Raj movie Entrance

The full package with the slow-motion shots and the breeze blowing while the whole room turns to look at the bride with their jaws dropped. Yep, we’re just as extra as you are.

‘Z’ is for ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’

No not the movie, but the feeling. It’s your wedding, so make it larger than life. Be the most Bridechilla version of yourself possible.

Also the most important Z - the Zzzz(s) Get all your beauty sleep! and maybe sneak in a few beauty naps while you’re at it!


Did these also make you red in the face? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The Realest & Hilarious A-Z of Indian Weddings that is Hard to Deny!

by Manavi Chauhan

The Realest & Hilarious A-Z of Indian Weddings that is Hard to Deny!