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There’s SO much that every bride needs to remember to bring with her on the wedding day— While all you brides probably have a list of must-haves that cannot be left at home, it’s as important to have them all stocked up in your bridal suite. You wouldn’t want your squad to leave you alone and go hunt for a solution to an emergency! Let your suite be the place where you and your bridesmaids stash your bags all at once and chill wearing cute outfits during the getting-ready process.

Wondering what all you should have in hand? Here are the essentials according to us:


Snacks are the most important for a day high on activities and emotions. Go for light but filling options like french fries, hummus & pita or protein bars. Just make sure that the tasty bites you keep can be eaten easily and won't make a mess. It is obviously not the time to order those scrumptious looking chicken-wings!


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If you plan on having a gala time even before the actual celebration, make sure there’s lots of seating available in your suite for all your bridesmaids! Ask your venue ahead of time to bring in a few extra chairs into the room.

You could add quirky messages to every chair or have them decorated, to make for an interesting photo-op with your girlies!


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Try to have as many hangers as possible available in your suite. It will help your outfits stay wrinkle-free and will keep clothes from being all over the place by the end of the night—especially if you're planning on changing to another lehenga or a suit during pheras or have your girls change into their own dresses onsite.

(Of course, you’re thinking of those ‘Bride To Be’ cutesy hangers! We approve!)


Sleepless nights leading up to the big day could be a cause of headaches and other mishaps with you or your girls. Be ready for anything with comprehensive kits that would include everything from medicines to deodorants, breath fresheners, stain removers, detachable bra straps, bobby pins et al.

PS: Message your room details to all your bridesmaids lest you want one of them to be drunk and disturbing you for a medicine during your wedding!


Chances are you would have told your bridesmaids to take photos and help you document the details of your wedding right from your getting-ready process. Make sure you have enough portable chargers around that’ll let the girls juice up their phones whenever they need it!


You might want to get the party started a little early with your friends, cousins and family in the bridal suite. Make sure to bring or request champagne for some classy fun. Since everything related to your wedding should be absolutely divine, think about having frozen fruits added to your champagne glasses!

A fun tip is to have colourful or striped straws for cute photos. It will also keep your lipstick intact, ladies (always a bonus!)


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Your photographer will get tons of photos of you before you don your wedding lehenga. Make sure you have something that is both cute yet easy to slip out of without messing up your perfect hair and makeup. Button-up shirts in solid colours, rompers, robes, or breezy little strapless dresses are all great options.

Do you have these included on your list yet?

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