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Hello guys, we just returned from a rather crazy yet extraordinary diwali break, full of gambling, music, gossips and mid-night snacks. Hope you too had insane fun during the festival which makes roads and moreover hearts go lit.

Because all my friends recently got married, amidst all the gossips, popped a discussion about how their husbands ended up screwing one or the other thing while planning their wedding.

We get you five grooms and their five issues faced right from private to weddingyy stuff.

#1 Saurabh says, "I think my most stressful moment was a huge difference of opinion on the wedding outfit! My mother wanted me to wear a bandh gala on my sagan and I wanted to wear something I picked out. My fiancée also wanted me to wear the same that I picked. Finally, I became balli ka bakra and had to wear something else and was not at all happy with the way I looked at my own Sagan, all thanks to conflict of interests." 

#2 Rajat reveals how managing vendors is a serious task, "Time management is a HUGE strain. Have to manage time with the photographer, panditji and of course handle your things too.  I regret of not hiring a planner or assigning some duties to my sister, brother or my best friends."

#3 Shashank confesses, "My biggest regret was not having someone to guide me, from where to start and where to end. My wedding was the first one, so there was no one experienced and we spent madly on little things. This actually made the budget double. I would suggest, do listen to experienced people, they will surely light you to the best path."

#4 Ridhaan says, "I always had this thought, planning a wedding in itself is a wedding altogether. By the time you're walking down the aisle, you've already decided to get married. The one thing that pinches me the most is not communicating well with my better half, which actually cultivated hell loads of problems in getting the final output."

#5 Abhijeet discloses, "Even if you're getting married in a place that's sunny all year, be prepared for rain. If you're booking an outdoor venue for your ceremony or reception, ask if there is an alternative option in the event of rain. You must always have a plan B."

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5 Grooms Reveal Things They Regret During Their Wedding Planning

by Sanchita Sehgal

5 Grooms Reveal Things They Regret During Their Wedding Planning