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Romantic resorts, thrilling water sports, relaxing hammocks, carefree sunbathing and picturesque greens amid enchanting hills by the sizzling shores - sounds like heaven? Well, this is how ecstatic a honeymoon on an island is. Islands offer a truly heavenly experience that is perfect for you and your partner to unwind yourself after hectic wedding revelries and begin the journey of lifelong matrimonial bliss with a perfect blend of romance, adventure and serenity.  

So, if you are yet to make your honeymoon bookings, do consider these best island in the world for a pristine and soulful honeymoon.

 Best Romantic Island Destinations for Honeymoon

1. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Hailed as one of the most charming islands in the Caribbean sea, Harbour Island has become one of the most bustling destinations for newlyweds. The island hosts of pink-sand beaches, flower-lined streets, oh-so-perfect weather and breathtaking scenic beauty. Its tranquil atmosphere far away from the hustle-bustle of urban life further makes it a perfect island honeymoon destination for couples.

Activities to do: Take romantic strolls on astounding pink sand beaches, rent a golf cart and explore the island, indulge in fun water activities like diving, bonefishing and snorkelling.

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Budget you need: INR 55,000 per couple for a day

2. Jamaica

Source Pinterest

This island country is where you need to head for a dream come true honeymoon. Turquoise water lagoons, beachfront pubs, breathtaking infinity pools, spicy nightlife and private beach dining are a few swoon-worthy attractions that Jamaica offers.

Activities to do: YS Waterfalls, Bamboo rafting, Cliff jumping in Negril, enjoy the dazzling nightlife, relish sumptuous seafood 

Budget you need: INR 1,82,470 - 4,20,630 per couple for a week

3. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one of the largest and the most beautiful islands of Hawaii and boasts of everything from vivid waterfalls, luxuriant resorts, picturesque mountains, stunning beaches to lush greenery of thick tropical rainforest cover. All these elements undeniably make it a popular destination for newly married to find a new dimension of love. The charm of this island is just countless.

Activities to do: Deep sea diving, Volcanoes National Park, Romantic sunset cruise, relax on the beachside

Budget you need: INR 48,169 - 1,03,069  per couple for 2 days

4. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Among the string of gorgeous islands in French Polynesia, Tahiti is the largest one and a treasure trove of nature’s beauty. The charm of the crystal clear blue lagoon, fascinating volcanic peaks, powder-soft sandy beaches and a wide variety of watersports is why Tahiti is one great honeymoon destination on an island for newly married. 

Activities to do: Explore pearl farms, Snorkeling and Kayaking, Helicopter Tours and soak in love by the beach.

Budget you need: INR 1,87,557 - 2,87,120 per person for a week

5. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Source Rove

First things first, beaches of Maldives provide you with the privacy that couples seek on their honeymoon. Most Maldives beaches are untouched by human feet and hence make a perfect destination choice for a romantic getaway. Just imagine taking a dip in the azure blue water with your better half while being alone on the beach! WOAH. The Maldives provides you with the stuff that honeymoon fantasies are made of - the flawless beauty of nature, no distracting tourists, swanky water villas, isolated islands and a lot of scopes to get lost into each other. Btw, visiting the glowing beach is a MUST DO!

Activities to do: Take couple massage at an exotic spa, stay at a luxurious water villa, explore secluded beaches, witness scenic sunset cruise on a private boat.

Budget you need: INR 30,000 - 2,49,000 per couple for 3 days

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6. The South Island, New Zealand

Source Pinterest

If you will be honeymooning somewhere around December, then The South Island is an option you must consider. It is nothing less than a heavenly abode for newlyweds to begin a journey of togetherness. Surreal beauty of nature, relaxing weather, plush hills and of course, sizzling shores make it a perfect paradise for honeymooners.

Activities to do: Experience mesmerising views of the Tasman Sea, Take romantic strolls along the Cape Farewell Seal Colony & Swing Bridges, Visit Paparoa National Park. Check out this website for the 10-day itinerary in The South Island

Budget you need: INR 7,45,283 per couple for 10 days

7.  Seychelles, Indian Ocean

Source Instagram

Known for its unrealistic beauty and monumental luxury, ultra-exotic hotels and pristine white-sand beaches, a honeymoon in Seychelles is exactly what dreams are made of. It is also becoming one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations for Indian couples. Seychelles is home to many beautiful islands that have their own distinctive charm.

Activities to do: Island hopping, lay on the beach under the glittering sky, experience exhilarating water sports, witness picture-perfect sunsets, a romantic walk through The Garden of Eden.

Budget you need: INR 1,50,00 per couple for a week

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8. Phi Phi, Phuket

This budget-friendly honeymoon destination for Indian couples is one heavenly island in the Indian Ocean. It boasts of sparkling beaches, lively shacks, crystal clear bluish green water, posh resorts and incredible weather. This stunning island in Thailand is also one great destination for a high on romance honeymoon.

Activities to do: Lazy sunbathing on the beach, Romantic beach strolls, Sea diving, Visit Viking Caves

9. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the best honeymoon destinations on a budget for Indians. This alluring honeymoon island offers WOW views, magnificent temples, vivid mountains, white-sand beaches, lush green farms and calm waters. The super romantic atmosphere is bound to raise your love quotient and make your honeymoon a memorable one.

Activities to do: Dolphin sighting, Tranquil strolls by the beach, Luxuriant cruise rides, Snorkeling, Experience flawless beauty of nature

Budget you need: INR 65,000 per couple for a week


Some Private Island Suggestions

10. Motu Tetaraire Private Island, French Polynesia

Motu Tetaraire Island promises an intimate and spectacular honeymoon. It not only offers spellbinding scenic beauty but also boasts of Hawaiian design elements. It is a private island resort and an ideal location for intimacy, privacy and complete seclusion - just what lovebirds want!

Budget you need: INR 1,15,668 per person for a night

11. Dolphin Island, Fiji

This surreal splendor is a perfect hideaway for newlyweds and comprises of super romantic and swanky island cottages. Apart from adoring the picturesque scenes, you can indulge in thrilling aquatic adventures with your partner like diving, snorkelling and sailing.

Budget you need: INR 1,98,038 per couple for a night

12. Isla Kiniw, Netherlands

Source Tumblr

Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Isla Kiniw is an ideal honeymoon destination. Filled with oodles of charm, this picturesque island is perfect for watersports and fishing. This private island offers a serene atmosphere, panoramic views of tropical waters and an ultimate experience of luxury. The best romantic honeymoon destination on an island is ensured.

Budget you need: INR 84,052 per couple for a night

13. Royal Belize Island, Belize 

Budget you need: INR 4,20,630 per couple for a night

This private island is offered to only one guest party at one time! So, it is only going to be two of you and your romance taking over this luxuriant villa. Once in a lifetime experience guaranteed!

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Which is your favourite island destination for a honeymoon? Share your honeymoon stories at

13 Most Romantic Island Destinations for a secluded Honeymoon

by Medha Chawla

13 Most Romantic Island Destinations for a secluded Honeymoon